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How to Alamo

Central Ave construction keeps on keeping on, so we're going to trade a cement-heavy (get it?) rehash for a larger look at what makes the Alamo Drafthouse special. 

How to Alamo

In the Beginning

Tim and Karrie League opened their first theater in 1997 with no formal qualifications to do so -- except that they were devoted movie fans.  Turns out, this was really the most important qualification.  Alamo has since evolved into a national operation, furthering our mission to share the movies we love with as many people as possible.  If you want to hear the long story (it's a good one! And we're not open yet so you've got time, right?) check out this comprehensive profile on Tim and the Alamo published earlier this year.   And while we're on the subject, you can hear Tim describe us in his very own words:



Reserved Seating and Preshows

Seating in every Alamo location is similar to that found in traditional theaters - chairs are lined up in even rows, with each seat angled toward the screen for the optimum viewing angle. In front of the seats there's a long, narrow table that runs the length of the row.  Last year, we unveiled a reserved seating system that eliminates all of the seat-saving stress accompanied with a family trip to the movies. At the Alamo, you'll be able to pre-select your seats whether you buy them in advance, online or as a walk-up.  We still encourage you to come 30 minutes early -- and that's because we'll be treating you to a 30 minute preshow.  Please note: we never show advertisements before our films. Instead, the Alamo employs a full-time video editor and pop-culture sleuth to create custom montages of vintage clips, educational films, cartoons, Scopitones, Japanese game shows and more. The preshow is usually themed to the movie you are about to watch. 



Food and Beverage Service

Another benefit of arriving early is that you'll have some time to review the menu and chat with your server.   We are passionate about our beer (remember, we are also a drafthouse) and will always let you sample a taste before you order. Once the lights go down and the movie starts, the theater will be transformed into a no-talking zone -- but you can still order food! Here's how. 


No Talking, No Texting

We stick to our guns on this one! If you talk during a movie at the Alamo Drafthouse, we will kick you out without a refund. Last year, Anderson Cooper praised this video on his nightly program, calling Alamo founder Tim League an “American hero” and further suggested his nomination for the Nobel Prize.  You can look forward to a reminder to turn your phone off and stay silent by way of our ever growing collection of Public Service Announcements.   



Our "feature presentations" range from first-run, new releases to repertory classics, and interactive events.  So in addition to all of the best blockbusters, we schedule a number of ongoing series throughout the month: Girle Night, Tough Guy Cinema, Horror Show, Broadway Brunch, Sing Alongs, Quote Alongs and more, yet! We believe that presentation is paramount. Sony 4K digital projectors are standard at all Alamo's, as is archival, reel-to-reel 35mm projection. 


Family Friendly

We believe wholeheartedly in building a youth and collegiate cinephile audience.  We show free movies during the summer and school holiday's and vacations known as Kids Camp, a perfect opportunity to get your kiddo's together for some quality time.  Our age policies do not allow unaccompanied patrons under 18, so children must always be accompanied by a parent. 


Believe it or not, there is still more to say! Stay tuned for more detailed information about our private events, community initiatives, beer selection and employment opportunities. 


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