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How The Action Pack Saved Christmas!

Okay, well Christmas didn't really need saving. I guess they really just boosted the Christmas spirit? Forced people to enjoy caroling? Tried to light up the life of a man who just wanted a slice of pizza? Either way, the Action Pack did it with The Christmas Pops Sing-Along. And with gusto!

If you haven't been to a sing-along, here's the gist: we take a collection of music videos (somewhere around 18-24 different videos), subtitle them, and put them up on screen. Then we think to ourselves "What would be fun to do during this song?" and the result is usually something along the lines of blowing bubbles, throwing balloons all over the theater, or exploding a confetti cannon. For the Christmas Pops show, we usually take it a little farther. Everyone is decked out in Santa hats, jingle bells and mulled wine (or Kahlua hot chocolate... mmmmm...) and the theater explodes with holiday fun.

When most sing-alongs end, people trickle out of the theater and into a nearby bar. With this one, we take everyone out to the streets and attack. We don't just carol. We go rogue. We don't do any "Silent Night" BS, we do "Dick in a Box," "Last Christmas," "Christmas in Hollis" and more! In the video below, you can see the nonsense and the bad singing that took place that evening. You'll also see that we ended the night at Pure Ultra Lounge, the most ridiculous bar to exist on Sixth Street. They were totally lovely and invited all 30-or-so carolers in for a round of drinks and followed it up with free champagne. In turn, we made their bar look like the coolest Christmas party ever. Check it out:

So obviously, Christmas is over, and if that video looked super fun to you, it just sounds like we're bragging. Fortunately, for you, we've got all sorts of fun Action Pack programming for January! You can head over to our Events page for a glimpse at everything we're rolling out to our franchises for this month, and check out the Ritz calendar for the events happening in Austin. Here's a quick breakdown for people that hate clicking on other links:

THE BIG LEBOWSKI QUOTE-ALONG: Yell out "Nobody f**ks with the Jesus!" while sipping on White Russians.

THE 90s ULTRAMIX SING-ALONG: Now you no longer have to choose between Nirvana and *NSYNC - we put it all in one show!

Tough Guy Cinema: ROBOCOP: Get your prime directives in order and grab your free cap gun. Live explosions in the theater!

HeckleVision: INDIANA JONES 4: To exhume this movie's remains, we can all text out our frustrations with each scene.


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