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How much do YOU love the Simpsons?

For everyone who truly loves the Simpsons, the Alamo Drafthouses South Lamar and Village are planning a gigantic, fun-filled run of the SIMPSONS MOVIE starting on Friday July 27. The entire staff has put its love and alarmingly encyclopedic knowledge of the Simpsons to work to create the ultimate Simpson's experience. For the true fan there is simply no other option. It's the Alamo or nowhere. Miss it, and it will be the D'oh heard 'round the world.

There will be a Squishy machine in the lobby opening weekend at South Lamar, with a costumed Homer and Bart greeting the arriving masses. Both theaters will feature a dream menu of Simpson's Food and Beverage Specials, including the Krusty Meal and the Ribwich. Gargantuan frosted pink donuts with sprinkles will also be available. This is definitely not the week you want to start that diet.

Guests are encouraged to arrive 30 minutes early for the SIMPSONS preshow, a specially selected compilation of the greatest Simpson's moments through the years, with some rarities thrown in, worth the price of admission alone.

For the superfans there is the SIMPSON'S FEAST (7pm at the Alamo Village on Tuesday July 31 and at South Lamar on Wednesday August 1). Brave and hungry feasters will experience a culinary treat like no other.

Here's the menu, you may need to consult a rabid fan to understand some of the dishes, we'll be happy to help:

Amuse Bouche:
Chief Wiggum’s Chili, made with the merciless peppers of Quetzlzacatenango.

First Course
Blinky (the three eyed radioactive fish) with Tomacco Sauce.

Second Course
Pinchy in a bathtub broth
Poached lobster in shellfish consommé.

Third Course
A grilled,bacon wrapped bone in pork chop in Marge’s special pork spice blend with a caramel dipped apple, Moe’s million dollar birthday fries and roast corn.

Fourth Course
The Ultimate Donut
A taste of the hereafter, if you've been very, very good. A Donut Casserole, thousands of donuts in a casserole, soaked in cream and pressed into one humongous D'oh-nut, topped with pink icing and sprinkles. Guaranteed to take at least four years off your life, but so worth it.

See you there.

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