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How Mondo Tees’ posters get made…

So, I'm often asked "Hey Tim Doyle, how do these awesome posters get printed? Do you have magical powers over paper and design?"

Well...yes, I do...but I don't use my powers on on our posters. Mondo's posters are done with silk screening.

But instead of me describing the time-honored tradition of silk screening posters, how about we let one of the art studios we work with do it for us?

Here's a YouTube of Aesthetic Apparatus printing the Shining poster they designed for us back in 2006 for the Rolling Roadshow Tour! In this 4 min snippet, you'll see the burning of a screen image, the squegee-ing of ink, the spraying of toxic chemicals...and the sheer JOY in AA's voices as they print one of my all-time fave RRS prints.

So next time you purchase one of our great limited edition silk screen'll appreciate the love and tender care that goes into each one. And you'll learn to be afraid of the people we work with.


(And make sure you turn the volume WAY up.)

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