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Houston! See the movie ALLIGATOR with real-life alligators in the theater

We're kicking off the return of Weird Wednesday to Mason Park with a 35mm screening of ALLIGATOR with real-life alligators in the theater!

Houston! See the movie ALLIGATOR with real-life alligators in the theater

In 1980 a film appeared on the American cinematic landscape to teach moviegoers everywhere a very important lesson – be careful what you flush down the toilet.

ALLIGATOR, directed by Lewis Teague from a script by John Sayles, told the story of Ramon, a baby alligator that is flushed down the toilet but manages to survive in the sewers beneath Chicago – growing to gigantic sizes thanks to the tasty growth-hormone-spiked animal carcasses that are so prevalent in Chicago’s sewage system. Twelve years pass and the alligator, now 36-feet long, has turned Chicago into his personal feeding ground. It’s up to cop David Madison (played by Robert Forester) to bring this scaly marauder to justice and save Chicago’s population from winding up inside the giant maw of Ramon.

We’re so excited to kick-off the return of Weird Wednesdays at Mason Park that we’re rolling out the red carpet for a special star-studded screening of ALLIGATOR. Joining us for our screening will be an assortment of real-life alligators. That’s right – you read correctly – we will be screening ALLIGATOR with alligators in the audience!

All throughout October, we’re counting down the weeks until Halloween by screening Weird Wednesday during a special prime-time slot. Every week at 7:30 PM, you can catch a different horror movie (all in 35mm!) for only $3. Titles will include DEMONS 2, THE TOOLBOX MURDERS and a very special surprise horror movie that if we told you what it was beforehand (or if you tell anybody what it was afterwards), we’d have to kill you. Seriously.

To kick off the month of fun, we’re bringing in some of Houston’s scariest pests for a special, scaly screening. We live in one of the only major US metropolises where we have to check under our car when coming out of Wal-Mart to make sure there isn’t a twelve-foot alligator waiting for us (seriously – this kind of stuff happens in Houston!). Well, now you’re going to face your fears head-on because we’re bringing the alligators out of the swamps (and parking lots) and into our theater to watch a movie – a movie that features an overgrown alligator viciously mauling helpless humans. What better way to get into the Halloween spirit?

The alligators arrive at Mason Park at 6:30 PM so show up early for a chance to get up close and personal with the reptiles and have your picture taken with them.

Don’t miss this special one-night-only event. Tickets are now on sale here. For our full Weird Wednesday line-up, click here.

Alligators in a movie theater – seriously, what other theater pulls this kind of crazy stunt? You’re welcome.


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