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Houston! Boldly Go To The Farthest Reaches of Space with May’s STAR TREK-themed Programming

From a STAR TREK double feature to screenings of TURKISH STAR TREK, GALAXY QUEST and more - the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema is the final frontier for cinematic bliss this May.

Houston! Boldly Go To The Farthest Reaches of Space with May’s STAR TREK-themed Programming

Take a Trek with the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema this May at a smattering of space-themed special events throughout the month. In celebration of STARK TREK INTO THE DARKNESS, the latest installment of the seminal sci-fi space saga, we have programmed a month of themed programming. From a STAR TREK double feature to screenings of TURKISH STAR TREK, GALAXY QUEST and more - the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema is the final frontier for cinematic bliss this May.


Like a deafening thunderbolt of neonized lightning from the deepest reaches of the universe, this Technicolor sci-fi masterpiece split open the imaginations of audiences young and old back in the 1950s -- and it is still every bit as thrilling today! A group of interstellar researchers stumble upon an uncharted world of danger, mystery, and the maddest kind of science and soon become swept up in the adventure of a lifetime! Anne Francis, a pre-goofball Leslie Nielsen, and Robby the Robot star in the undisputed mega-granddaddy of space epics! FORBIDDEN PLANET is so perfectly crafted that now-modern special effects are still decades from catching up with it. (Zack Carlson/Sam Prime)

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THE LAST STARFIGHTER is a great movie to show kids — namely because it has a ton of important life lessons to learn. For example, playing video games nonstop is a good thing because you’re mastering important skills that could help you out if you’re ever recruited to become a starship pilot. Not everybody can just simply find a ring and become a space cop like the Green Lantern. Some of us have to work our way to the top and that work involves hours spent mashing buttons and killing aliens during marathon games of Halo. THE LAST STARFIGHTER also shows that you can’t judge a book by its cover. When Alex Rogan (Lance Guest) is recruited to be an interstellar starfighter and is taken up to meet his fellow squadron mates, he doesn’t blink an eye when he sees his new buddies have scaly skin or half a dozen tentacles. It’s inside what counts and kids could learn a thing or two from the film about acceptance. Of course, they should also pick up the fact that some ugly looking aliens really are Zando-Zans, interstellar assassins with no moral code, and will shoot kids with laser guns without a moment of hesitation. So I guess what I’m say is, trust aliens but not all aliens? It doesn’t matter. Not every movie needs to teach a kid a moral lesson. Some films are just great forms of entertainment — designed to keep kids pacified for two hours as their heads are filled with dreams of traveling the stars and killing evil aliens. If those dreams were good enough for the kids of the ‘80s, they’re good enough for the kids of today.

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In the early 1970s, Turkish filmmakers decided that they wanted to make lots of money. In order to ingratiate themselves with an audience that was already familiar with their subject matter, these filmmakers studied popular American films. Then they said: "We can do this much better." And so, a mass surge of the most insane and hilarious rip-offs in the history of movies began. The Turks were not afraid to utilize footage, music, and sound effects from other movies. They were also not afraid to make a movie that featured Spider-man as a serial killer. TURKISH STAR TREK "re-imagines" three episodes of the original STAR TREK series ("Man Trap," "Amok Time," "Tomorrow Is Yesterday") while adding a subplot about a time-traveling comedian. It was the first full-length TREK movie ever produced in the world. (Joe Ziemba)

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We’re teaming up with Tugg for a screening of one of most successful crowdfunded films – with a budget of $600,000 raised by over 5,000 backers worldwide. THE COSMONAUT is a story about memories and desire. Even those memories that exist only in one’s imagination.” October 1975. Stas prepares to become the first Russian cosmonaut on the Moon. Andrei, his best friend, manages the mission. In the tense last days before departure, Stas thinks about Yulia, the woman they both have been in love with since her arrival to Star City, more than ten years ago. They finalize the details of the mission, but just two days after takeoff the spacecraft loses communication with Earth. For seven months, Andrei and Yulia look for him day and night without rest. One day the ship returns to Earth. After it falls, there is no trace of the cosmonaut. The confusion increases with the beginning of a series of radio transmissions: Stas is speaking from an undisclosed location. He says that he’s back on Earth and claims to have found it empty. Little by little, a new, strange and dangerous triangle begins to take form. (Tugg)

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STAR TREK: INTO THE DARKNESS opens Thursday, May 16 but we’re offering matinee-priced midnight screenings on Wednesday, May 15. True Star Trek fans, though, will want to attend our double feature of both of J.J. Abrams’ Trek films. We’ll start with his 2009 movie – a film that re-introduced the world to the crew of the Enterprise – slightly changed from a tweak to the time-space continuum. The screening will be immediately followed by a screening of STAR TREK: INTO THE DARKNESS. Tickets are only $15 and we’ll have special surprises in store at both the midnight screening and all weekend long for Trek fans.

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It’s pretty easy to poke fun at Star Trek and its fandom, but it’s much harder to mix laser-beam parody with serious affection the way GALAXY QUEST does. Yes, GALAXY QUEST stars Tim Allen, but this isn’t one of ‘those’ Tim Allen movies - it’s actually hilarious and absolutely spot-on. And it’s more than a little sweet, which doesn’t keep it from being totally badass. Directed by Dean Parisot, GALAXY QUEST is the story of a group of washed-up TV actors who are trapped in the niche fandom for their long-canceled sci-fi show. It turns out their fans aren’t just basement-dwellers, though - aliens have seen broadcasts of the show (shades of Explorers!) and believe the televised adventures of Cmdr. Peter Quincy Taggart, captain of the starship Protector, to be documentaries. Everything comes together in a movie good enough to win both the Nebula and the Hugo, two of sci-fi’s biggest awards. And you’ll never look at rudimentary lathes the same way again. (Devin Faraci)

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The most forehead-exploding big-budget scifi/horror/comedy of the ‘80s, written and directed by the special effects wizards behind CRITTERS and the Large Marge monsterface scene from PEE-WEE’S BIG ADVENTURE. A circus tent-shaped meteor crashlands in the forest, releasing an army of neon-colored, face-painted intergalactic creatures who mummify humans in cotton candy cocoons and slurp their sweetened blood through crazy straws. These diabolical bozos mow through the populace using only the most entertaining means: invisible cars, carnivorous shadow puppets, popcorn blasters, decapitating boxing matches, hand-to-spinal-cord ventriloquism and much, much more. The only people with the guts to stand up to these extraterrestrial sillybones are two kind-hearted teens and the horny local ice cream vendors. Watch for thundering man’s-man actor John Vernon as the homophobic small town cop who just isn’t gonna put up with any of this space clown shit. All this topped off with a theme song by pioneering goofpunk band The Dickies. Not to be viewed by anyone who fear clowns or enjoying life. (Zack Carlson)

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