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Houston! See THE CONGRESS, a surreal animated treat starring Robin Wright, this weekend!

Buy your tickets early and only pay matinee price!

Houston! See THE CONGRESS, a surreal animated treat starring Robin Wright, this weekend!

 THE CONGRESS is one of the most ambitious movies you will see this year. A heady, breathtakingly realized science-fiction story with its tendrils dug deep within a very real, very tangible human story, THE CONGRESS is a movie operating at a higher level than most movies – it is one of those wonderfully layered films that demand repeat viewings in order to absorb the many secrets locked within.

Robin Wright leads an all-star cast in a film that blends live-action and animation. Ari Folman, director of the Academy Award-nominated animated documentary WALTZ WITH BASHIR, is not a director content with easy. Folman, for his latest film, combines elements of Stanislaw Lem’s 1971 novel “The Futurological Congress” with a new story – that of actress Robin Wright.

Wright, the star of THE PRINCESS BRIDE and FOREST GUMP, plays a version of herself – an actress whose poor early decisions have left her with few options left for her career. Wright is content to leave acting completely behind and focus on her family, though and that opportunity presents itself when a new technology emerges - one that allows movie studios to construct an avatar from actors and actresses. Long after their physical bodies have gotten old and weak, these avatars can live forever – producing movie after movie, completely under the discretion of the studio system. Wright will be giving up her identity as an actress but gaining the freedom that she has seemingly always been chasing.

From there, things get weird. The movie explores the nature of identity, reality, free choice and consumerism as it glides back and forth between live action and a beautifully surreal animated world.

Harvey Keitel, Jon Hamm, Paul Giamatti, Kodi Smit-McPhee and Danny Huston co-star.

Special offer - Buy your tickets before midnight on Wednesday, August 27 and only pay matinee pricing regardles of the showtime!



"A magnificent triumph, a half-fantasy-half-nightmare that combines animation and live action to shine a light on how we look at ourselves, and perhaps will going forward, as technology continues to engulf our lives." - Todd Gilchrist, GeekNation

"There's something exhilarating -- mesmerizing, even -- about The Congress's most ludicrous flourishes." - Guy Lodge, Hitfix

"A hugely ambitious film reminiscent of The Matrix and the works of Terry Gilliam while also carving out its own apocalyptic sci-fi space." - MaryAnn Johanson, Flick Filosopher


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