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Houston! It’s your rotating beer tap line-up!

Take a look at the rotating beers we currently have on tap at our Houston locations. 

Houston! It’s your rotating beer tap line-up!

Houston, we wanted to provide a great new way to learn what is currently on tap at our two locations - Mason Park and Vintage Park. This blog will be your go-to source for up-to-date information about what's available to drink at our theaters. Bookmark it, save the link and email to friends - every week we will update this blog with new information about what's on tap. 


Rotating taps:

Sam Adams Winter Lager
Saint Arnold Winter Stout
Cycler's Derailleur Scotch Imperial Porter
Karbach Mother'n Lager
Buffalou Bayou Vanilla Mocha Sunset 
Southern Star Old Potentate Old Ale
Dogfish 90 Minute IPA

No Label El Hefe Delta Force 2

Badass Bottles:
No Label Pale Horse

*Coming Soon*

  • 512 Pale Ale Cask
  • Real Ale Pheonixx Double ESB
  • Robinson Family Brewers Iron Maiden Trooper ESB
  • St. Arnold Divine Reserve



Rotating taps:
Dogfish Head Old School Barleywine
Karbach Mother In Lager
No Label Perpetual Peace Ale
Sam Adams Cold Snap
Real Ale Sisyphus
Saint Arnold Fresh Hop
Buffalo Bayou Vanilla Mocha Buffalo Sunset
Alaskan Smoked Porter
Lone Pint Lilly & Seamus Sour Mash
512 Brewing #5

Badass Bottles:
Dogfish Head Midas Touch

Coming Soon:

Elevation Arete Barleywine
Stone Lucky Bastard





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