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Houston, it’s your August programming!

JURASSIC PARK triple feature, James Gunn retrospective, Chris Weitz and more!

Houston, it’s your August programming!

The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema – Houston is proud to announce its specialty programming for August 2014. Advanced tickets for all films and events are available at

A month-long salute to badass teams!

Cowabunga! Before the release of producer Michael Bay’s big-budget, no-nonsense reboot, join us for a look back at the ghosts of Turtle past with a four-movie marathon. We’re screening all three live-action TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLE movies plus the animated film TMNT. We’ll have pizza specials, games and activities between films and enough fun to make you scream “T-U-R-T-L-E Power!” (8/2 at Vintage Park)

Most movies use special effects to create giant creatures and impossible battles. But very few are courageous enough to use ACTUAL MAGIC. Effects ultra-mega-wizard Ray Harryhausen put every drop of his patented silver screen sorcery into JASON AND THE ARGONAUTS, a rough-and-tumble mythological adventure that puts every other kid-friendly epic to shame. Young warrior Jason travels across the world in search of The Golden Fleece, flanked by Hercules and other masters of adventure. Along the way, they’ll engage in hair-raising battles with wicked harpies, an army of skeletons, the multi-headed Hydra and a war giant made entirely of impenetrable metal! (8/3 and 8/7 at Mason Park)

For the first time in more than three decades, comedy legends Monty Python will perform live on stage together this year. Broadcast from London’s O2 Arena, Monty Python Live (mostly) will play in cinemas around the globe. At a combined age of just 358, John Cleese, Terry Gilliam, Eric Idle, Terry Jones and Michael Palin will once again perform some of their greatest hits, with modern, topical, Pythonesque twists. Monty Python are rightfully regarded as among the world’s finest-ever comedians. Their eagerly awaited reunion promises to be among the biggest events of 2014. (8/6 at both theaters, 8/13 at Vintage Park, 8/20 at Mason Park)

Rob Reiner’s film about the sadness that comes with the end of childhood still maintains an emotional resonance over 25 years after it was released. Starring the talented young quartet of River Phoenix, Will Wheaton, Jerry O’Connell and Corey Feldman, STAND BY ME encompasses all the joy and pain of adolescence with an honest and deft touch, something rarely seen in the genre these days. To celebrate this modern classic we will be presenting it with delicious gourmet food at a four-course meal. And yes, of course we’ll be serving blueberry pie for dessert. (8/10 at Mason Park)

This month, Girlie Night journeys to the best place on earth, home of big hair and even bigger gossip: Truvy's Beauty Salon. In this charming little parlor, you don't just get your hair and nails did-- you get life lessons from some of the best and sassiest actresses to ever grace the screen. Without STEEL MAGNOLIAS, how would you know that there are so many different shades of pink (including Blush and Bashful)? So tease up your hair, grab your bestie and join us for a cinematic celebration of friendship, perms and Southern living. It'll be even better than a slice of armadillo cake. (8/11 at Vintage Park and 8/13 at Mason Park)

Warriors...come out to play-ee-ay. Preposterously themed street gangs, electrifying synths, raging fisticuffs and a lean, mean, macho man story. Cyrus has assembled all of the gangs in New York City to unify them. But when Cyrus ends up dead, The Warriors take the wrap and every face painted, spiked bat carrying, homicidal maniac in the city is out to kill them as our true-hearted, iron-willed Coney Island rumblers punch, bite and bleed their way home through the labyrinth of Manhattan. Once you see The Warriors all you will ever want to see is The Warriors again. CAN YOU DIG IT?"  (8/14 at Mason Park and 8/27 at Vintage Park)

We’re teaming up with 8th Dimension Comics & Games for a free screening of Marvel’s greatest achievement (thus far). Captain America. Iron Man. The Hulk. Thor. Black Widow. Hawkeye. Only a few years ago nobody was sure Marvel would be able to unite their biggest heroes in one film – now we’re greedily anticipating the studio’s next magic trick. Come out to the theater and relive all the awesome fun of THE AVENGERS – a movie that brought out the kid in all of us, if only for two and a half glorious hours. (8/17 at Mason Park)

12 angry men, one cinema classic. Join us for a screening of the film that proved one man truly can make a difference. When a team of jurors find themselves with the life of a young Hispanic youth in their hands, casting a guilty verdict proves to be a much harder decision than original anticipated – even if the evidence seems to be all there. Henry Fonda stars in a Sidney Lumet film that must be experienced by every true cinema fan. (8/28 at Vintage Park)

Nothing compares to the glee one feels while hearing the opening theme songs to cartoon classics from the '80s and '90s. The kind of stuff that rages into your heart and makes your fists burst into the air as you witness the most powerful teams ever put together. We’ve assembled the greatest collection of extreme team cartoons that will kick-start your kid to a lifetime of curiosity and ill-advised escapades. And if seeing the ragingest, most mutagentic maniacs thwart evildoers isn't enough we'll be jam-packing your stomachs with an all-you-can-eat sugary cereal overdose. So what are you waiting for? THE POWER IS YOURS! (8/30 at Vintage Park and Mason Park)

Interactive screenings and cinematic events

Join us for a quoting and adventuring good time as we follow this rag tag group of friends on a journey of lost maps, treacherous traps and hidden treasures. We'll have a truffle shuffle competition before the show and hand out Baby Ruths and eye patches to everyone who comes so we can all be One-Eyed Willies. Not sold yet? Just imagine how fun it will be to see Sloth swinging onto the pirate ship while you're yelling out, "HEEEEEY YOUUU GUYSSS!" as loud as you possibly can with 200 people who love this movie as much as you do. (8/2 at Mason Park, 8/19 at Vintage Park)

FREE SCREENING! This is the kind of movie that demands to be seen on the big screen with a group of fans surrounding you with applause and laughter throughout. There are several really great quotes in this movie, and like all of our movie parties we’ll be encouraging you to quote-along with those lines. But this is really more of a full on party experience, one where we’re going to start off with a Toga Fashion show, have a Shout dance party, and, of course, paddle each other as we’re initiated into the greatest fraternity on the Alamo campus. Sponsored by Twang Beer Salt. (8/6 at Vintage Park)

Come out to the movie theater ready to have the best dance party of your life. Every single time. And make sure you get there early, too, because we'll have singing contests, prop bags full of balloons, streamers and glow sticks, inflatable air guitars and much, much more.  Every Totally ‘80s Sing-Along is the most radical party we can throw, and you won't want to miss a single one. (8/7 at Vintage Park)

One of the greatest and most quotable movies of all time is getting the Action Pack Quote-Along treatment and you can be there for all its sword fighting, coconut clomping glory at the Alamo Drafthouse! As always we'll have the best lines subtitled karaoke style for your quoting pleasure as well as some of the silliest songs you can hope to sing. We'll also have swords for everyone, coconut halves for you to bring your imaginary horses to life and a test of will, dexterity and might prior to the show to recruit some brave knights to our cause. (8/13 at Vintage Park and 8/28 at Mason Park)

Come on out to the Alamo Drafthouse and join the Action Pack for an ultimate celebration of all things ‘90s! This monthly Sing-Along Dance Party features a new playlist put together by our Action Pack VJs every month, and each night we’ll jump all over the best music videos of the ‘90s for singing along with, jumping around to, and awkwardly slow dancing next to your grade school crush to. From the Fresh Prince to TLC, with plenty of Alanis and Oasis mixed in, this is how we do it in our semi-charmed kind of life as we’re livin’ la vida loca. So come on! (8/14 at Vintage Park)

Don’t bother trying to fight the urge to sing along with the Backstreet Boys. Stop pretending like you’re too cool for N’Sync. There’s no use hiding the fact that you had New Kids on the Block dolls and pillow cases in your childhood bedroom (and maybe still in your apartment today). We know you love boy bands. Why? Because boy bands are super awesome, and you’re a super awesome person. Sure, this show may not be for everyone, but it was designed specifically for everyone who enjoys fun. So unless you’re a fun hater, we’ll see you there! Backstreet’s back! All right! (8/16 at Mason Park and 8/21 at Vintage Park)

The quotable lines in PEE WEE’S BIG ADVENTURE never stop, and this new Action Pack Quote-Along presentation of the movie is going to celebrate every single classic line so you can yell along with Pee Wee when he gets into his “I know you are, but what am I?” fight with Francis, “break” dance along with Tequila, and of course you’ll be able to “tell ‘em Large Marge sent ya!” As always, the Action Pack hosts will be on hand with several props we’ll use throughout the movie. There’s no basement at the Alamo Drafthouse, but there will be plenty of nonstop fun at this event! (8/23 at Mason Park and 8/30 at Vintage Park)

There will NEVER be another Britney! To celebrate the fact that she's been making us dance and sing and love life for 14 years, the Action Pack is throwing this special party in Brit's honor. Our DJs will be spinning all the best from Ms. Spears' complete video catalog, so you'll have plenty of opportunities to Scream & Shout, but you'll also get to remember that special time in your life when you were no longer a girl, but you weren't quite a woman, either. (8/28 at Vintage Park)

Horror classics, back on the big screen where they belong

Bill Paxton may be known to you as an extraordinary character actor but FRAILTY, a Texas gothic horror about a man driven to the brink of insanity to visions from God, proves that Paxton makes one hell of a director too. Paxton stars in and directs this homespun horror about a family man in Tyler, Texas who claims to receive messages from angels instructing him to kill “demons.” He recruits his kids to help in the slayings but they’re not so sure their dad isn’t just nuts. Matthew McConaughey co-stars. (8/9 at Mason Park)

Dee Wallace is a television news anchor in Los Angeles. But she's also being stalked by a serial killer. After an elaborate trap is set for the killer in a porno theater, Wallace loses her memory. Then her therapist suggests that she and her husband visit "The Colony," a wooded resort for people with problems. Some of those problems might involve sex. And werewolves. And werewolves and sex. THE HOWLING joins THE WOLF MAN (1941) and AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON as one of the most triumphant werewolf movies of all time. It's sleazy, smart, and completely self-obsessed all over. (8/23 at Vintage Park)

A made-for-television movie produced by HBO, CAST A DEADLY SPELL is a modestly budgeted, impressively produced horror noir set in the ‘40s. Fred Ward stars as H.P. Lovecraft, a hard-boiled detective who lives in a world full of magic. From vampires to werewolves to gremlins, the LA that Lovecraft works out of is running rampant with the supernatural. Worse than the things that go bump in the night, though, are the mobsters trying to raise Cthulhu and his legion of elder gods, a race of monsters so nasty they’ll devour the Earth as an appetizer. Julianne Moore and Clancy Brown co-star. Screened on VHS – tickets only $1! (8/26 at Vintage Park)

Regional premieres and all-time classics – animation straight from Japan

Every Tuesday at Mason Park we present the best new titles from Funimation and Sentai Filmworks. Admission is free!

Full of myth, magic, creation, and destruction PRINCESS MONONOKE stands as one of director Hayao Miyazaki’s crowning achievements. He sets a clear stance on what happens when the human race is at odds with the earth.  And he does it with a little bit more violence than is typical for a Studio Ghibli film (exciting!).  But don’t worry, the magic is still there. With giant wolves, adorable tree spirits, and the beautiful music of Miyazaki’s frequent collaborator Joe Hisaishi, you won’t be able to look away.  And you won’t want to either. In Japanese with English subtitles. (8/4 at Vintage Park, 8/21 at Mason Park)

Prepare for the Dragon Ball Z experience of a lifetime as Earth's greatest heroes hit the big screen in DRAGONBALL Z: BATTLE OF GODS! Stunning animation and epic new villains highlight this first new Dragon Ball feature film in over seventeen years! Fans of the series will be delighted to know that BATTLE OF GODS is an original work from Dragon Ball creator, himself, Akira Toriyama. (8/5 at Vintage Park, 8/11 at Mason Park)

Long ago, a mysterious masked shinobi unleashed the Nine-Tailed Fox onto the Village Hidden in the Leaves to spread chaos and destruction. But the Fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze, and his wife Kushina Uzumaki sealed the Tailed Beast into their newborn son Naruto to save the village, foiling the shinobi’s plan. Years later, Naruto and his friends succeed in driving away the infamous Akatsuki, who have mysteriously returned from the dead. Reminded of how alone he is, Naruto begins to wonder what it’s like to have parents, when a strange masked figure appears before him – the same masked shinobi responsible for the death of his parents! (8/31 AT Mason Park)

Free screenings every morning – all ages welcome!

Johnny Depp teams up with his PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN director Gore Verbinski to star as Rango, a pet chameleon who is taken from his safe terrarium and left in the Old West. Once there, the young lizard takes it upon himself to become the sheriff. But he soon discovers that the town don’t take too kindly to strange reptiles, especially ones who fancy themselves “good guys.” Also starring Isla Fisher, Abigail Breslin, Alfred Molina and Harry Dean Stanton. (8/1 – 8/7 at both theaters)

When AN AMERICAN TAIL was released in 1986, the world of American animation was forever changed. For the first time in history, grownups were taking cartoons seriously! With Steven Spielberg as the executive producer and presenter, Fievel and the Mousekewitz family succeeded where many cartoon mice had failed. Join us on a journey to 19th century America, through the eyes of some very gullible singing rodents who actually believe in the dream of a land with cheese-paved roads. There really are cats in America though, and those cats are voiced by Dom DeLuise. (8/8 – 8/14 at both theaters)

A young pig fights convention to become a sheep dog -- or, rather, sheep pig -- in this charming Australian family film, which became an unexpected international success due to superior special effects and an intelligent script. The title refers to the name bestowed on a piglet soon after his separation from his family, when he finds himself on a strange farm. Confused and sad, Babe is adopted by a friendly dog and slowly adjusts to his new home. (James Cromwell). (8/15 – 8/21 at both theaters)

When an arranged marriage between Victor Van Dort and Victoria Everglot reaches the rehearsals, Victor starts to worry. Spending time alone in the forest, Victor decides to practice on his own. Everything seems to go well, until he accidentally puts the ring upon the hand of a corpse. Before he knows it, Victor is in the land of dead and now has a corpse bride. Whilst everyones worries about who Victoria will marry in the land of the living, Victor desperately finds a way to get back. (8/22 – 8/28 at both theaters)


Join us for an intimate evening with writer/director Chris Weitz in support of his new YA novel “The Young World.” We’ll host an extended Q&A with the author as he discusses his career, his novel and his inspirations. The Q&A will be accompanied by a screening of MAD MAX: BEYOND THUNDERDOME, a movie that inspired Chris Weitz when writing “The Young World.” Every ticket will come with a copy of the novel, a futuristic story of a future society in which all adults have killed off by a plague and Manhattan is dominated by tribes of teenagers. (8/3 at Vintage Park)

Prepare to puke! Shot on Super 8mm in Poolville, Texas and crammed with neon barf, disembowelments, and ambitious latex monsters, THE ABOMINATION is a benchmark in D.I.Y. trash-gore insanity. Cody lives with his mom in a wood-paneled shack. Mom devotes her life to shady evangelist Brother Fogg. Mom hacks up a tumor. The tumor infects Cody. He coughs one up, too. Soon, the tumors multiply. They infect the entire house and take form as The Abomination -- a bloody monster that hides in a washing machine and tears people in half! It's psychedelic anxiety, 1980s style. (8/5 at Vintage Park)

What movie will be shown? It’s a mystery – the only thing you’ll know going in is that the screening will be in glorious 35mm. It could be an action film, it could be a comedy. It could be a Hollywood hit. It could be a forgotten gem. With tickets only $1, though, we promise you’ll get your money’s worth. (8/12 at Vintage Park)

Come out and learn about the upcoming Texas Renaissance Festival at a screening of the vastly underappreciated Heath Ledger vehicle, A KNIGHT’S TALE. Full of effortless charm, a great soundtrack and an amazing ensemble cast that includes Paul Bettany, Mark Addy and Alan Tudyk, A KNIGHT’S TALE doesn’t work hard to make you happy – it doesn’t have to. Bringing joy to an audience is as easy as hitting the broadside of a jousting knight for this medieval film. (8/10 at Vintage Park)

Join us for a double feature of THE DOG, an intimate portrait of the vivacious John Wojtowicz, followed by the film he inspired, DOG DAY AFTERNOON. In August, 1972, John Wojtowicz attempted to rob a Brooklyn bank to finance his lover's sex-reassignment surgery. The attempted heist resulted in a fourteen-hour hostage situation that was broadcast on TV. Three years later, Pacino portrayed his character instigating the unforgettable crime on the big screen. (8/17 at Vintage Park)

You may doubt me when I say that A GOOFY MOVIE is one of the finest films to emerge from the ‘90s but that’s just because you haven’t seen the film yet. A shockingly sincere and genuine animated film that looks at the father/son dynamic and proceeds to poke a stick at it for 90 minutes, A GOOFY MOVIE works as a cartoon that will entertain kids of all ages but it also works as dang good film about those awkward teenage years where you didn’t know what to think of your parents. Full of amazing pop music, winking Disney meta-humor and a lot of heart and charm, A GOOFY MOVIE is a perfect film to watch regardless of what age you are. (8/18 at Vintage Park)

ELVIS: THAT'S THE WAY IT IS offers a candid look at Elvis Presley at a point when he decided to permanently abandon movie roles and return triumphantly to concert gigs. It shows him strutting around Vegas with his entourage, painstakingly preparing for his stage show, relaxing backstage and trading jokes with his vocal accompanists, and, of course, Elvis before a live, loud audience. Join us for a screening of this dynamic portrait, which has been digitally remastered for this theatrical re-release. (8/20 at Vintage Park, 8/27 at Mason Park)

A hilarious and moving look at legendary actor, activist and pop culture icon George Takei, who has conquered new frontiers from outer space to Capitol Hill with his trademark grin. Oh, my! (8/22 and 8/25 at Vintage Park)

James Gunn may be one of the big boys now thanks to the success of GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY but before he was working for Marvel, Gunn was churning out some of the most insane, interesting and fun horror films to emerge kicking and screaming from the fringes of cinema. With SLITHER, Gunn gave audiences a throwback creepfest starring Nathan Fillion as a sheriff looking to protect his town from alien slugs. In SUPER, Gun presented a gory and often shocking look at what type of crazy person would think to become a superhero. Both films will screen in 35mm as a double feature! (8/24 at Vintage Park)

Clint Eastwood is the Man with No Name in this spaghetti western classic. Join us for a new 4K digital restoration of the film that forever etched Eastwood into the mind of cinema lovers as we celebrate Sergio Leone's masterpiece with an all-you-can-eat special on spaghetti! (8/24 at Mason Park)

We’re awfully excited about JURASSIC WORLD around here. Next summer’s big screen sequel – about a fully-functioning dinosaur park – has us drooling with anticipation. That’s why we’re getting the party started early with a triple feature of all three previous JURASSIC PARK films. Come spend a dino-day at the movies as you get your fill of terrible lizards and the scientists who’d rather not be eaten by them. (8/31 at Mason Park)


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