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Hong Kong All Night Long! February 25! Tickets on sale now!

Join us for a top secret line-up of Hong Kong's deep tracks and timeless classics. This all-night marathon is hosted by Grady Hendrix of New York Asian Film Festival.

Hong Kong All Night Long! February 25! Tickets on sale now!

This February 25 we welcome you to the Ritz for an all night extravaganza of rare, secret Hong Kong classics, curated by the great Grady Hendrix of the New York Asian Film Festival. You’ll see some phenomenal masterpieces, hilarious action trash, and some of the most wrong and obscure movies ever made, all introduced by the phenomenally knowledgeable, endlessly hilarious Mr. Hendrix. It’s a 10 hour extravaganza with special Hong Kong-centric food and drink options and tons of rare trailers and surprises. This event benefits the American Genre Film Archive (AGFA).

Tickets are on sale here!

Here's Grady Hendrix on the HONGKONGATHON:

After audiences had their brains blasted and bodies assaulted during Fantastic Fest’s Hong Kong retrospective, Movies on Fire, there were only two thoughts running through our heads: “That hurt,” and “Let’s do it again, but harder.” So welcome to the all-new front in our war on conformity: The Hong-Kong-a-Thon. We’ve gone through our archive and pulled together some of the most insane Hong Kong action movies we could find, stitched them into a single movie marathon and now we’re unleashing this Frankenstein’s monster of mayhem in one sitting.

Wherever possible we’ve picked movies that aren’t easily available on video, or movies that are lost in the mists of time. The Hong Kong film industry has turned out thousands of movies since the 70’s and while we all know the big prestige items like THE KILLER and DRUNKEN MASTERS, there are a wealth of forgotten classics made by crack stunt teams, ace actors and razor sharp directors that have been consigned to the trash heap of history. At a time when a shot-on-video oddity like Things can get a respectful, in-depth DVD release, why are so many Hong Kong masterpieces of exploitation not even out on video? We’re talking independent features from Taiwan. B-list exploitation gems from the big studios. Satirical masterpieces that were unfairly dismissed because they were ahead of their time, planting their tongue in their cheek and going WAY over the top. These forgotten classics will play your nerve endings like a cheap xylophone and show you things that you never dreamed you’d see in your wildest dreams. Tiny women in stonewashed denim planting their shoes inside the frontal lobe of nasty thugs. A team of men in tracksuits, wielding uzis and hosed down in bright red stage blood. Hitmen who love each other only slightly less than they love spraying hot lead all over the faces of their enemies.

Five movies, 10 hours, 100 ways to blow your mind.

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Note: the picture accompanying this article is not necessarily illustrative of the actual content of the show. It's just funny.


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