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High For the Holidays Returns to the Ritz!!

We got four (or maybe five?!?) awesome shows happening at the end of this Apocalyptic year.

High For the Holidays Returns to the Ritz!!

High for the Holidays has become a long-standing tradition here at the Alamo, but this year we decided to run the gamut of titles that could fall into this category. The result is pretty strange and very awesome as we’ve been diplomatic in catering to every different type of stoner by programming psychedelic rides alongside mindless, hilarious yukfests for everyone’s viewing pleasure.

We kicked things off with the delightfully silly and genuinely gut busting HAROLD AND KUMAR GO TO WHITE CASTLE w/ all-you-can-eat sliders at the Ritz this past Sunday. Now if you missed out your belly is probably a little pissed at you, but (don’t quote me on this) it may not be the last time the loved stoner duo and those delicious culinary creations will infiltrate our theater in 2012.

Next up we move from following two lovable Jersey potheads to following no less than a man traveling to the darkest reaches of hell on earth with ultra-rare 70mm screenings of Francis Ford Coppola’s APOCALYPSE NOW this week on December 9th and 10th. Seriously, sober or not, seeing this undisputed masterpiece in this format is an event you absolutely can’t miss.

Also this week High for the Holidays moves from darkness to light with the insane, anarchic 1968 collaboration between Bob Rafelson and The Monkees, HEAD. The film, co-written by THE Jack Nicholson, comes to the Ritz on December 10th. This madcap adventure through uncharted psychedelic territory is chock-full of goofball segments and pie-in-the-face high art. The pre-fab four’s feature debut is nothing short of the craziest and best combination of confusion and laughter.

Chaotic lunacy also rears its head in our GRANDMA’S BOY Quote-Along on December 27th. Started back in 2006 by popular demand this Action Pack show has you follow along this coming of age story about a guy too old to be coming of age. Alex (Allen Covert), age 35, lives with his grandmother (Doris Roberts) and her two roommates (Shirley Jones and Shirley Knight). He's a stoner who makes money by testing video games. There’s also a crazy funny ape to boot. If this awkward hilarious synopsis doesn't sell you, you must be un-high.

Our High for the Holidays finale brings back the intensity with BEYOND THE BLACK RAINBOW on December 28th and 29th. A psychedelic head trip of the highest order. If you missed this bold and visionary ode to 1980’s Canadian sci-fi and horror here’s your second chance.

So, smoke it if you got it (beforehand), sit back and enjoy the versatile cinematic pleasures we’ll be having on display for you throughout December.


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