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Hey Super Mario, do you know your mushrooms?

f14935One of the buzz movies at SXSW Film 2009 is back: Ron Mann's KNOW YOUR MUSHROOMS, and master chef Trish Eichelberger has created a phenomenal feast to go with it. There's only one show, on Wednesday July 29 so buy your tickets in advance. Don't worry, a vegetarian option is available.

Inspired by a chance conversation with fellow filmmaker and mushroom buff Jim Jarmusch, director Ron Mann (GRASS, GO FURTHER) sets off to the annual Telluride Mushroom Festival in Colorado. It was there he encountered the unique sub-sub-subculture surrounding fungi that includes an unlikely assortment of nerds, nuts, hipsters, tripsters, artists, chefs, musicians, foodies, foragers, and seekers all paying homage to the mighty mushroom.

Combining material filmed at the Mushroom Fest with animation and archival footage along with a neo-psychedelic soundtrack by The Flaming Lips, KNOW YOUR MUSHROOMS opens the doors to perception, takes the audience on a longer, stranger trip and delivers them to a brave new world where the fungi might well guide humanity to a saner, safer place...with extra cheese. This 2008 SXSW favorite comes back to Alamo for this once-in-a-lifetime mushroom-inspired, consciousness-expanding feast prepared by Alamo chef Trish Eichelberger!

The Menu

Mushroom and goat ricotta galette with a micro green salad and bell pepper confetti

Hanger steak with mushroom demi glace, asparagus and morels with porcini wild rice pilaf
Vegetarian option will be stuffed Portobello in place of the steak

Black truffle dark chocolate truffles, sea salted shortbread and meringue mushrooms

Each course will be paired with the perfect wine!

Note: "Consciousness Expanding" used here metaphorically.


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