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Henri on 6th Street:: Part 2

If you’re just joining us, here’s the situation – in an effort to dissuade the 6th Street haters who think that going to the Ritz will be horrible because of the different crowds than we’d grown accustomed to in the Warehouse District, I’ll be doing several nights of research on 6th Street. Last time I went to Buffalo Billiards and felt odd about being alone in bars, then realized that while parking and puking people weren’t the problems commenters back in May had thought they’d be, there were a lot of bums that came up and talked to me, and that got kind of annoying. Last night, though, I went back down to 6th, and I’m happy to say I think I may have figured out how to handle the bum issue... But I have a few more tests to run tonight, so we’ll get to that later; today I’m going to talk about advertising.

Last night’s trip down was to meet with a couple of reps from Pick Your Crowd Media, a start up advertising firm that’s wanting us to buy some ads on plasma screens they have mounted in different bars around town. I normally don’t like to spend money on advertising at all because we take what would be an ad budget and put it towards big crazy events instead, but this pitch actually intrigued me.

These guys basically have video billboards behind the bar in a lot of the spots on 6th that I haven’t been to since I stopped using my fake ID, and even though that’s not necessarily the demographic that we usually go after, it does sound kind of fun to make people that are waiting in line to buy a Hot Sex On The Beach With A Buttery Nipple For My Dad watch a 30 second spot for the new Master Pancake show. Especially because most of the other things on the digital billboard are still slides with text that announces the bar’s specials or something. Here’s a quick video I took of the screen in Uncle Flirty’s (I know… I know.) that was advertising when they had live music, intercut with some of the live music itself from Monday night:

See? Imagine a screen going from that to suddenly being John Erler’s butt. In my book, the ability to do that alone is practically worth the price of admission. But what do you guys think? Should I keep considering this kind of advertising to people at Uncle Flirty’s and Pure and the Dizzy Rooster, or should I stay far, far away from all of the bars that the Real World cast frequented? Hmm…

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