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Help support a screening of HOMEBOUND!

TUGG needs your help bringing this film to Park North on April 17th!

Help support a screening of HOMEBOUND!

HOMEBOUND is the story of Richard Lynn, a successful young man who returns to his small hometown, El Campo, Texas. He must help his father Gilberto who's ill with cancer, run the family business, a dilapidated bar. Richard accidentally falls in love for the first time with Sofia, a Venezuelan immigrant who speaks very little English.

As Richard befriends Sofia's son, and is reminded of the friendships and culture of his hometown, he learns more about his father's illness, the truth about his mother's passing and their plans for him when he inherits it all. 

His secret desire to burn down the bar, which he blames for his mother's death, surfaces as he questions everything, his past, his future, and his understanding of family.

The film is heartwarming, with inspiring performances, unexpected twists and a passionate ending that will delight audiences around the world!

Our hopeful hosts need your help to bring this touching film to the big screen - 29 more tickets need to be purchased via TUGG (a site that offers crowd-funded screenings) before the event is confirmed! Help spread the word, so we can see you all here on April 17th for this truly unique experience!

Order you tickets HERE!


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