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Hecklevision returns this January with two screenings of SPICE WORLD

Your texted heckles appear on the big screen alongside one of the worst vanity films ever made about one of the worst girl bands ever assembled.

Hecklevision returns this January with two screenings of SPICE WORLD

The Alamo Drafthouse has a very strict policy when it comes to cell phone use. Maybe you've heard about it.

That said, there is a very special occasion where audiences are not only allowed to use their cell phone during the movie — they are encouraged to do so. This January, we're bringing back Hecklevision, a night of cinematic masochism centered around the ability to mercilessly mock bad movies using your cell phone's texting function. As the film plays, your texts will appear on the big screen alongside the film — giving the audience the ability to really give the film what for in the cinematic equivalent of a good ol' fashioned stoning. 

This January, the title is SPICE WORLD, the 1997 film from director Bob Spiers that tried to create multimedia stars out of that noxious '90s pop band the Spice Girls. Watch as the gals tour England in their double decker Spice Bus - chugging along on their way towards superstardom (and eventual obscurity). They'll encounter extraterrestrials, haunted castles, and Elton John. 

This is your chance to spice up your life and let the rest of the audience know what you want, what you really, really want in a bad movie. 

Thursday, January 12 @ 7 PM — Mason Park

Wednesday, January 25 @ 7 PM — West Oaks


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