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Healthy Food Feedback!

Months ago, before the Alamo merger, we posted a blog asking for healthy food suggestions. Every once in a while, we realize that we can't live on pizza and queso alone (a sad realization), and we want something that doesn't make us say "Ugh! Why did I just chug that milkshake?!" all the time.

Then the merger hit, and then Drafthouse Films took off and FOUR LIONS became a massive priority, and then Fantastic Fest happened and then Badass Digest.... schwoo! But now, with some major events winding down, we can say this: we are still listening to you!

Thanks to everyone for all the feedback on our menu!  We LOVE that you all took the time to share your thoughts on ways we can continue to make the Alamo menu the best it can be.  That blog post got around 200 comments, and we read every single one.  We're hard at work compiling that information, looking for patterns and plotting our course of action.

As we move forward, we will continue to use our specials as a testing ground for new permanent menu items.  Many of our most recent new additions to the menu have come straight from the specials and, more importantly, the feedback from our guests on what they'd like to see stay.

Look for more information and follow up in the coming weeks!

Thanks again!


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