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Harry Shearer is coming to the Alamo: THE BIG UNEASY & SPINAL TAP next Thursday!

Harry Shearer is coming to the Alamo South Lamar with his latest, THE BIG UNEASY and a screening of the classic THIS IS SPINAL TAP!

Harry Shearer is coming to the Alamo: THE BIG UNEASY & SPINAL TAP next Thursday!


When you think Harry Shearer you immediately think of his voice, deep, resonant and authoritative on his NPR program Le Show and shockingly varied in his voice-work on the Simpsons (he voices Mr. Burns, Smithers, Principal Skinner, the Reverend Lovejoy, Dr. Hibbert, and many more characters). It’s a fine instrument and he knows when and how to use it.

With his newest film THE BIG UNEASY, he is using that voice to tell a true story. The catastrophic 2005 flooding of his beloved New Orleans was preventable. The system of levees designed by the Army Corps Of Engineers was badly flawed, and many new about it. Other disasters are waiting to happen due to the same faulty designs in other cities.  Worst of all, the new system created to replace the one that failed colossally in New Orleans incorporates many of the failings of the earlier model.

In THE BIG UNEASY, Shearer conducts his own investigation of where they system went wrong, and why it continues to go wrong. He speaks with the investigators, first responders and whistleblowers who know the story best. This is (literally) muckraking in the cause of good.

Tickets are now available for the screening of THE BIG UNEASY with Q&A by Harry Shearer. The screening takes place on Thursday, April 14 at 7pm at our South Lamar location.

Also, we couldn’t possibly have Harry Shearer as a guest and not invite him to introduce a screening of THIS IS SPINAL TAP. You know him as alarmingly hirsute, leather-clad bassist Derek Smalls in that classic. Join us as he kicks off our screening with a little “Behind The Music”, just for you. That show is also at Lamar and it starts at 10pm. Buy tickets for that screening here.


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