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Happy Holidays from the Alamo Drafthouse!

It's no secret that our new favorite holiday film is RARE EXPORTS: A CHRISTMAS TALE. With the buzz it got at Fantastic Fest, the super rad pictures (and more pictures, and MORE pictures) that came from opening weekend at S. Lamar, and it's general awesomeness, we here at Alamo Headquarters decided we wanted in on the fun.

Over the past couple years, we always want to take a company photo (last year we were going to wear ugly Christmas sweaters and go take mall photos), but we never plan it out well. Until this year. We called up one of our favorite local photographers (Mary Sledd Owens), our favorite "I'll dress up as anything!" regular (Mr. David Strong), and put out a call to all of our managers, programmers, promoters, and anyone else who makes the Alamo and The Highball function like it does and said "Be here at 11am, or you don't get to be in this photo that everyone will talk about a lot!" And so our Holiday Card was born! Some of you may have received this card in the mail, but for those that didn't, we still wanted to share it with you.

Happy Holidays to all of our Alamo friends. May whatever version of a winter holiday you celebrate be filled with friends, family, food and general good times. Thanks for making us the company we are today. (you can click on the photo for a larger version and to see all of our snarling and squinting-at-the-sun faces)

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