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Greg Abbott, We’ll Kick Your Ass Out

Pledge your allegiance! Tweet #DontTalk

Greg Abbott, We’ll Kick Your Ass Out


Texas Gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott has a message for voters, and he's giving it while talking in a movie theater. As staunch defenders of the quiet, text free sanctity of the moviegoing experience, we have our own response. 

"The only thing worse than talking in a theater is a politician talking in a theater telling you to text,” said Alamo Drafthouse Founder and CEO Tim League. "This isn’t about where you sit on the political debate it’s about when you sit in a movie theater. At the Alamo Drafthouse, we believe in two things: freedom and quiet cinemas.”

We are encouraging movie lovers to take to Twitter to silence avid theater talkers like Abbot by tweeting #DontTalk. Pledge your allegiance today! 





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