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Greetings From Your Friendly Neighborhood Beer Nerd


Jason Murphy, resident beer nerd and founder of the Beer Passport Program, pops by the blog to chat about last weekend's Home Brew Beer Competition. Hear about the weekend's winner and find out about the next chance to compete.

Greetings From Your Friendly Neighborhood Beer Nerd

Hello Alamo Houston! Let me start off by introducing myself. I am Jason Murphy, resident beer nerd and founder of the Beer Passport Program. I will be occasionally popping up here to post about any exciting beer news and other random beer goings on as they come up at the Alamo and around town.

As you may or may not have heard, we recently hosted a home brew competition in the beirgarten at our Mason Park location; to be fair, the event in the beirgarten was but a small part of a far bigger competition. We received over fifty entries for the overall home brew competition, which were narrowed down to five category winners. We then took the six best overall performing beers and put them to the test with our panel of special guest judges: Brian and John from No Label Brewing Co.; Ronnie Crocker from the Beer, TX blog at; Nate Wells, General Manager of our West Oaks location: and Caleb Wilson, home brewer and winner of our Facebook fan contest. With a possible 20 overall points the judging was incredibly close with there being only a quarter of a point difference between the third place contestant and the first place contestant! As we all know though; in any competition there must be a winner.

Ladies and gentleman let us congratulate Adam Eisanach and Flying Falcon IPA for being our summer 2011 Home Brew Competition Winner! Flying Falcon is an American Double IPA (India Pale Ale for those not in the know). It features strong citrusy hops while retaining a flavorful, balancing malt character. While it was originally entered into the Strong/Imperial category Adam’s beer made it through multiple rounds of tasting to come out as our highest rated beer in any category and was a treat for your’s truly and our judges to taste.

This was the first in what we hope will be a seasonal series of competitions that are held throughout the year. So home brewers, fire up your brew kettles! Fall is right around the corner and we want you to join us for our next competition!


Jason Murphy

Beer Passport Founding Citizen & Beer Enthusiast 

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