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Graveyard Shift invites you to get SINISTER this September

Be one of the first to see this new horror film at a special sneak preview presented by the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, Tugg and Ain't It Cool News.

Graveyard Shift invites you to get SINISTER this September

On Monday, September 24, the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema's Graveyard Shift invites Houston and Katy audiences to see a special sneak preview of SINISTER, one of the best new horror films to be released in the last few years. Co-presented by Tugg and Ain't It Cool News, this screening will give audiences a chance to see the film two weeks before it is released to the public.

SINISTER is a highly effective horror film that, through the use of a great performance from Ethan Hawke and extremely unnerving music from composer Christopher Young (HELLRAISER), manages to cut through audiences’ defenses and leave them genuinely unnerved. SINISTER has a fresh approach to the found footage genre — in that it is about the consequence of finding said footage. The movie explores the terrible costs that come with discovering a cache of dark and terrifying footage that chronicles the last few horrific moments in the lives of what seem to be random strangers.

Hawke stars as Ellison, a true crime writer suffering through a lag in his career. Hoping to kick-start a new project, Ellison moves his family into the house that a year previous had witnessed the murder of a family. During his investigation into the crime, Ellison discovers a box of Super-8 films – each chronicling the final moments in the lives of a series of families, including the home’s previous occupants. As Ellison studies the footage, he discovers clues to the terrible supernatural presence responsible for the families’ deaths. In discovering this creature, though, Ellison has put his family directly in its target-sights.

At its heart, SINISTER is a haunted house movie and director Scott Derrickson (THE EXORCISM OF EMILY ROSE) has boned up on the genre. Derrickson’s ability to slowly layer on the tension to the point where audiences are completely overwhelmed by their fear is admirable – even more so considering that so much of this technique is done at an almost imperceivable level. There are jump scares, to be sure, but most of the film’s terror comes slow and steady instead of all in a rush. This isn’t the film equivalent of popping a balloon in your face — it’s more akin to slowly filling a room with gas and then lighting a match.

The found footage at the center of the film — all super grainy flickering snuff films — are paired with the music of composer Young for an outstanding result. Young, a longtime mainstay of the horror music business, has created his first electronic score for SINISTER and the result is a mix between an ambient death rattle and the primal scream of pure evil. Sampled screeches and the whispers of children are sewn into the music and, when played over scenes of people being hung or burnt alive, leave audiences feeling reminded of that guttural, primordial fear that has been ingrained in our DNA since our days as cavemen hiding in the shadows from giant tigers.

We can't wait to share the film with Houston audiences at this special sneak preview. In order for this screening to happen, though, a certain amount of tickets need to be sold in advance. If the threshold isn't reached, nobody's credit card is charged and the screening is canceled. We want you to be one of the first to see this film but to make sure that happens, you need to purchase your ticket in advance. Don't miss out on this cool promotion for an even cooler new horror film. We hope to see you there!

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