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“You’ve Got Red on You” - A South Lamar Update

The Alamo Drafthouse’s distinctive red façade has gone up on the front of the new South Lamar location and the interior of all the various rooms that make up the building are very close to what will be their finished shape.

“You’ve Got Red on You” - A South Lamar Update

I was not expecting to see the addition of color just yet, and I will admit I was pleasantly surprised by what I saw on my arrival at South Lamar last Friday. The red metal panels that you see being installed in the image above mimic the red curtains that line the walls of all Alamo Drafthouse theaters. So now the plaza space at the entrance to South Lamar has become the focal point of the construction site, particularly against the drab greys of concrete and yellow hues of timber. But while this is the most visually acute wall currently at South Lamar, there is a lot inside that is worthy of as much attention.

Here is the lobby as you look towards the hallway to the theaters. From this perspective it looks like ceiling tiles are all that is missing to complete the construction of this space.

Looking to the right from the same spot as above presents a little different picture of the status of the lobby. Here is the box office and lobby entrance to the Highball.

Once inside the Highball, behind the bar you can see the space where the cooler and storage will be located.

Here is the stage area in the Highball. A karaoke room will go in the space that is to the right of the stage.

This is the back entrance to the Highball from the lobby. The wall to the right is for the restrooms.

A view of the Highball from the stage.

Here is the karaoke floor hallway. The stairs at the far end of the hallway in this photo is the entrance from the Highball.

This is the hallway leading to the projection booth.

The walls in the projection booth itself have been completed. When I was here workers were running lots and lots of cable.

This is a view of theater one from the projection booth. In all of the theaters the installation of acoustical insulation and ceiling tiles has been completed.

The seat risers in both theaters one and two have been completed. This is theater one, but theater two looks just the same.

Here is what theater three looks like. It is worth noting that the interior of all three theaters are at the same level of completion at this point.

The entrances to theaters one and two have been built out.

This view of the lobby is from the entrance to the hallway to the theaters.

And one last look at the front of the Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar.

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