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Golfing with Shooter McGavin

This weekend, the Action Pack hosted the first annual Alamo Drafthouse Charity Golf Tournament and Shooter McGavin himself came out to celebrate!

Golfing with Shooter McGavin

This weekend the Action Pack held the first annual Alamo Drafthouse Charity Golf Tournament in Austin with a celebration of HAPPY GILMORE. Shooter McGavin himself (Christopher McDonald) was there with us for a day of relaxed competition and a Quote-Along screening of the film, and an amazing time was had by all while we came together to raise thousands of dollars for the Settlement Home for Children.

The tournament was held at the Onion Creek Golf Club, and while there’s still a bit of debris along the creeks we’re happy to report that the course is beautiful and a lot of fun to play on.

A few months back this creek was a raging river. Now it's just another hazard that stole a LOT of golf balls from me.

Houses line many of the holes, meaning sometimes you had to play from a backyard. The residents were all good sports, though, and as far as I know no one had to play a ball off of anyone's foot.

We had 112 golfers come out to join us for the scramble style tournament, and I think it’s safe to say that the fashion we brought to the golf course wasn’t always what the residents of Onion Creek were used to seeing.

We didn't know that there was going to be a costume contest at this event, but this group of 8 (plus Shooter) clearly won it.

Of course, they took their golf game very seriously all day, too.

These guys look like respectable golfers, but we weren't sure if they're just super professional or if they bought these costumes to look the part.


I hadn't played golf at all until we started preparing for this tournament. I like to think that we brought some other first-timers out as well.

The couple that quotes-along together stays together.

The guy on the far right won this group with his Guns Don't Kill People, I Kill People HAPPY GILMORE costume tee.

Of course, this entire event was made possible because of the generous support of our various Hole Sponsors. Each of them brought something extra special to their holes so that the entire day had Happy Gilmore themed fun beyond simply trying to get the ball to go back to his home.

Black Swan Yoga had instructors on hand at their hole to help you find your inner peace - before letting you know that throughout their hole golfers couldn't swear or throw their clubs or have any other Happy Gilmore style freak out. Namaste!

At the Black Sheep Lodge hole, golfers could swear as much as they wanted to, but first they had an opportunity to hit a marshmallow as far as they could, with the winners later receiving a $50 gift card to their bar and restaurant.

Top Golf was set up at the top of a notoriously difficult hill, and after losing multiple balls trying to get over the ravine without slicing into the woods I sorely missed their driving range style of play.

The Austin Aztex set up a soccer hooligan atmosphere with all sorts of noisemakers and people yelling "Jackass!" at golfers to see if they could distract them. For a terrible golfer like me it actually helped me get out of my head - but my drive was still the worst.

The team from Verts, a Berlin-style kebap group of restaurants, explained that in Germany there's a traditional beer pitcher holding game where contestants have to hold a full pitcher out with straight arms for as long as they can. They replicated this with a golf theme with pitchers full of balls and water, and after winning the stronger foursome got to tee off from a closer spot. Good thing, too, because it turns out draining your arm of all strength before you swing a club actually makes golfing more difficult.

As the sun set, the golfers packed up and we headed over to the Alamo Drafthouse on Slaughter Lane for an incredible Quote-Along screening where we all yelled out, “You eat pieces of shit for breakfast?” and Christopher McDonald stayed in the theater for the entire movie so he could laugh along and yell out, “No!” along with his character in the movie.

The blurry view of our intro as seen from the back row of the theater.

Shooter on screen, looking out at Shooter in the audience.

After the movie we had a little Q&A with Chris, where we learned that – big surprise – his favorite scene to shoot was the dream sequence, then we brought down our tournament winners for a final photo from the event.

Christopher McDonald, our winning foursome holding their trophies, and the Action Pack's Tournament Director, Will Eidam.

All in all, it was a great event for a great cause, and personally I can't wait to start planning our next golf tournament - and maybe a few more Alamo Athletic Action Pack events. As always, if you have other ideas for things like this you'd like to see us produce in the future, sound off in the comments below or find us on our Facebook page or via our Twitter, @theactionpack.


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