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Go West young horror fan when THE INNKEEPERS comes to Houston this February

THE INNKEEPERS, the new horror film from director Ti West, opens at our Houston theaters next week. To celebrate, we're giving audiences a chance to see not one but two of West's films on the big screen in 35mm this February. 

Go West young horror fan when THE INNKEEPERS comes to Houston this February

"RADIANT WITH INSPIRATION, with a refined and sophisticated sense of dread." — Peter Hall, Moviefone 

"An old-fashioned ghost story with high-impact shocks among delicate chills." — Kim Newman, Screen Daily

"It draws you in then ultimately scares the s*** out of you. A true horror comedy that makes you laugh out loud and jump out of your seat." — Drew Tinnin, 

"TERRIFYING - there are several shots and sequences in the film that are literally chilling. No one today does horror like Ti West... a dynamic and important voice who become the generational equivalent of John Carpenter." - Todd Gilchrist,

Next week, we're bringing THE INNKEEPERS to Houston. The new film from director Ti West is set in the Yankee Pedlar Inn, believed by many to be one of New England's most haunted hotels. Facing imminent unemployment, the hotel's two remaining employees — played by Sara Paxton and Pat Healy — decide to spend their work time looking for ghosts. They hope that proof of the hotel's haunted nature can save their jobs but when push comes to shove, the two minimum wage ghost hunters find they aren't ready for what's lurking in the hotel's crawlspaces. Kelly McGillis co-stars in a classically inspired horror story from Magnet Releasing. 

We'll be screening the film from a 35mm print beginning February 3 at West Oaks. The movie will play at West Oaks through Monday before moving to our Mason Park location for three additional screenings beginning February 7. 

As an added bonus, if you preorder your ticket to any screening of THE INNKEEPERS, you'll receive free admission to a 35mm screening of HOUSE OF THE DEVIL on Thursday, February 2. 

HOUSE OF THE DEVIL is the 2009 film that put Ti West on the map for many horror fans. Starring Jocelin Donahue and Tom Noonan, the film explores the satanic panic of the '80s in a tense scary movie that mixes together the slasher and haunted house genres. 

If you're a horror fan, you won't want to miss either film as it screens at Houston area Alamo Drafthouse theaters. 


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