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Get Zzanged! with ZAPPED!!!

Zzang!!!! presents ZAPPED! Rare 35mm screening! Only 5 bucks! Sunday at Ritz!

About ZZANG!!!: There is absolutely no disputing that the '80s were The Decade of FUN. Neon-streaked good times exploded worldwide in the form of celebrities (Pee-Wee, Mr. T, Max Headroom), music (punk, new wave, metal) and -- in an epic lightning bolt of unrelenting wildness -- MOVIES! Well, local spazzmatics Zack Carlson and Bryan Connolly demand that YOU join us in hailing the Power of the '80s in the Alamo's newest monthly 35mm screening series: ZZANG!!!

Now...about ZAPPED!: Truly the most zzangin' scifi boner comedy of the '80s!!! Some would say ZAPPED! is simply the story of a high school chemist who gains the power to unhook bras with his brain. BUT!...they'd be neglecting to mention that it's a NUCLEAR DETONATION OF PURE ENTERTAINMENT!

That winning Charles in Charge combination of Scott Baio and Willie Aames first found its footing in this unjustly disregarded send-up of Brian DePalma's CARRIE. Baio plays Barney, a junior genius who inadvertently creates a serum that allows him to perform any act he wishes. His newfound skills result in ripped blouses, flying ventriloquist dummies and more ripped blouses. Later, two bullies are given a mind-powered liftoff midway through a mooning, causing them to float through the air with their bare asses aimed at heaven.

But the film's most inspired moment comes courtesy of the great Scatman Crothers as the gym coach. After accidentally inhaling some chemically engineered SuperMarijuana, he hallucinates that he's riding a bicycle with Albert Einstein. Suddenly, the Scatman's wife appears on a Roman chariot, firing at them with a bazooka full of salami.

If this doesn't sound like fun to you, get the hell off my planet!! ZZANG!!!

Tickets HERE, for low '80s prices!


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