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Get your Masters in Marketing in One Night!  These are the World’s Best Commercials.

Over the years we've become hardcore video junkies, connoisseurs of the strangest and most extreme video oddities we can lay our paws on. And some of the best clips we've found have been television commercials from other countries. Before we realized what happened it became our latest obsession, as if we needed another one. So in order to feed the monkey we've scoured the planet looking for the greatest, weirdest, most offensive and adrenaline-charged commercials in the world. The result is a kind of large-scale psychoanalysis of Planet Earth. If commercials are the dreams of a culture, we're seriously worried about Latvia. And all the spicy food they eat down in Argentina has driven the kinky sex content of their commercials into overdrive. There's not much we can do for Japan now, except try to make sure it doesn't pose a threat to itself or others. And North Korea... tragic. As we plowed through the mountains of tapes and DVDs the total picture that evolved is of a planet on the brink of madness, sex obsessed, image conscious to the point of mania and very very thirsty.

This compilation features over 140 ads, from all over the globe, from the bizarre, the sublime, the sexual, the low-brow to the truly inexplicable. Also look for commercials directed by the likes of David Lynch, Michel Gondry, Jean-Pierre Jeunet and more.

Check out the video below for a fine sampling of some the particularly exquisite  Estonian gems.

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