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Get your head ripped off by THE COLLECTOR…and get a free T-shirt!

THE COLLECTOR opens Fri, July 31
Alamo South Lamar


We're going to be traumatizing Austin this weekend when we open the brand new horror film THE COLLECTOR, from the creators of several of the latest -- and goriest -- major horror releases, including the SAW films. Alamo/FF founder Tim League saw the film recently and loved it, and critics have been saying that it's the best horror film this year! sweeten the blood, we'll be giving away FREE COLLECTOR T-SHIRTS to the first 120 people to show up to the screenings (available in sizes L and XL only). So starting this Friday, when you arrive at the South Lamar box office for the reigning deathride of 2009, be sure to grab the shirt that will let the whole world know that you're just koo-koo for mass murder!

For an unsolicited testimonial on the film, READ THIS REVIEW from!

And if that hasn't yet curled your toes, here's the COLLECTOR trailer!!!

See you there, violenceface!!!

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