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Get your Alamo showtimes to go

The concept for the Alamo was originally to combine the dinner and a movie date into one all-inclusive experience, and we still like to think that we're the best place for that in the country. But we realize that sometimes you'll be out at dinner somewhere else with a group of friends and someone will say, "Hey, wanna go see a movie after this?" And that idea sounds great to you, but what movie? What theater? And when does it start? The "what theater?" question is obviously easy to answer. The "what movie?" is often tied into when it starts, though, isn't it? And so then you can go to the front of the restaurant and see if there are still any Chronicles left, but sometimes that just isn't that convenient. A few years ago, we set up a mobile version of our site at that would give you a pared down version with just some showtimes and the basic info like that. Recently, we also created an iPhone version that should work for you as well, and will also guide you all the way through to a ticket purchase page. Just go to our regular website - - on your iPhone, and a dialogue box will pop up asking if you'd like to visit the iPhone page. Say yes, and a new and magical world will be yours for the taking! If you want to be really cool and have quick and easy access all the time, don't forget to add the Alamo to one of your home screens. We don't have an actual app you can download, but we do have a pretty iPhone-ized "A" logo for the button, so it'll make you happy every time you sweep past it on your way to the latest version of Worms that you're trying to play while waiting for an elevator somewhere. But wait, there's more! You can also follow the Alamo on Twitter (@drafthouse) to make sure you're the first to hear about upcoming advance ticket sales for special guest appearances. You can also follow a bunch of us who put the programming together so you can hear about when we're bored, when we're riding our bike home, or when we're needing help choosing new ideas for Sing-Alongs (that's usually me, I need lots and lots of help). Here's a breakdown of everyone: Tim League, founder: @timalamo Henri Mazza, creative director: @henrimazza Lars Nilsen, programmer: @larsalamo Zack Carlson, programmer: @zackalamo Brad Parret, programmer: @alamobrad Caitlin Stevens, promotions: @caitlinestevens Or for when you're actually in front of your computer, we've also got a wonderful blog, complete with RSS feeds! You're reading one of our posts right now, so why not subscribe to this as well?

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