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Get Ready to Bash with Corey Feldman!

Corey Feldman is coming to Alamos in Austin, San Antonio and Houston this weekend!!! And he'll be joined by Alexander Loy, the writer and co-star the new film OPERATION BELVIS BASH!

Get Ready to Bash with Corey Feldman!

That's right, pop culture icon COREY FELDMAN is going to be here live and in-person this weekend for a mini-tour of Alamos in Austin, San Antonio and Houston along with his OPERATION BELVIS BASH co-star, ALEXANDER LOY ... And they're bringing one of the most bizarre movies you're likely to see this year, with a cast that includes Mark Metcalf (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), Larry Thomas (Seinfeld's Soup Nazi), Daniel Baldwin (the one who isn't on 30 Rock and also isn't a born again Christian), Frank Stallone, and '80s wrestling icon and one of the greatest people on twitter, The Iron Sheik.

With a cast of that caliber you almost don't need to hear about the plot at all, but this one's a doozy:

In a time of delicate political and religious conflict, a struggling rock and roll musician, Belvis Bash (Alexander Loy) is recruited by Major Emile Hickory (Mark Metcalf) of the United States Army to fly to Afghanistan and win the hearts and minds of the Afghani people. Joined by the outrageous "Jewtastic" comedian, Samuel Stilman (Corey Feldman), an impassioned Afghan drummer, Samir (Walid Amini) and an overworked musical theater actress May (Noelle Locke), he embarks upon his futile quest. To make matters worse, as danger emanates all around at the hands of the infamous terrorist Abdul (The Iron Sheik), Belvis is being upstaged by a musical theater heavy-weight - Alfons Logoluso (Frank Stallone), starring in Major's original production, "Les Miserables: Episode One." Trusting that his agent Namco Douglas (Daniel Baldwin) will come through for him and with the help of his only fan in Afghanistan, Hamid (Larry Thomas), Belvis must reach the people before it is too late.

As another night falls on Kabul, will Rock' n Roll shine the beacon of freedom in a land ravaged by darkness? We haven't seen this film yet and can't answer that question for you, but rest assured that we will all find out the dramatic conclusion together, and any further questions you may have will be answered by Corey Feldman and the director/star Alexandar Loy in a live Q&A following the film.

And because it would be a shame to have Feldman in the building without also reminiscing on his teen idol years that brought him near and dear to all of our hearts, we're putting together a special all Feldman preshow that you'll definitely want to get to the theater early for!

Fri, April 29 at 7:00 pm at Alamo South Lamar, Austin - BUY TICKETS

Sat, April 30 at 7:30 pm at Alamo Park North, San Antonio - BUY TICKETS

Sun, May 1 at 6:30 pm at Alamo West Oaks, Houston - BUY TICKETS




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