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Get into the Fantastic Fest spirit early with ROOM OF DEATH- free at the Ritz!

"I saw ROOM OF DEATH at the Berlin Film Market and REALLY liked it. Strange, tense, gruesome, occasionally funny and containing a sexually-charged lesbian taxidermy plot thread, ROOM OF DEATH was PERFECT for Fantastic Fest. The timing just didn't work out, however, so we opted for the next best thing. We have partnered with our pals at the Austin Gay and Lesbian Film Festival to bring the film to Austin early. The film screens as part of the AGLIFF film festival on September 4, and we are offering a free screening for Fantastic Fest Badge Holders at the Ritz on Monday, September 8 at 9:45 PM" - Tim League

Details on the screening:
Celebrate Fantastic Fest early with this very special, very free screening of the psycho-extreme French thriller ROOM OF DEATH! If you are a Fantastic Fest Badge Holder and you want to go- RSVP at the Fantastic Fest facebook group! If you rsvp and are a badge-holder, you're name will be added (+1) to the will call list- but it does not necessarily guarantee you a seat. Seats will be administered at the door on a first come, first serve basis. If you are not a badge holder and you want to come to the show, come to the Ritz half and hour before showtime on Monday, because all remaining tickets will be up for grabs! Not a badge-holder but you still rsvp'd at on facebook? Then you are a liar!

About the film:
In the dead of night, in the middle of an isolated wind farm, two out-of-work computer programmers run a man over, killing him. By his body, they find a bag stuffed with cash. Bank robber? Drug dealer? Who cares? Two million Euros staring you in the face and no witnesses - what would you do? Vigo and Sylvain don't take long to make up their minds.

The following day, a blind girl is found dead in a warehouse near the scene of the accident. What if the money was destined to pay her ransom? Did the killer see the hit-and-run drivers? Then another girl is kidnapped, and worse, she's a diabetic. The clock is ticking. The police in the provincial town of Dunkerque start to panic. They are ill equipped to deal with such crimes. Helped by her attentive colleague Norman, rookie cop Lucie embarks on her first major investigation.

Special thanks to IFC and AGLIFF for making this screening possible. Look for it on IFC On-Demand later this month!

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