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GET CRAZY!: rare screening of the wildest New Year’s rock explosion ever!

Zzang!!!: GET CRAZY - Not on DVD! Sun, Dec 19 - 10:00 - Ritz

This year, we unleashed our new series ZZANG!!!, a relentlessly wild monthly celebration of '80s insanity on film. We've dedicated ourselves to celebrating the most rabidly garish and spastic movies the neon decade had to offer.

GET CRAZY destroys them ALL.

Director Allan Arkush's follow-up to his beloved ROCK N' ROLL HIGH SCHOOL offers up an even more outrageous look at rock, roll, sex and drugs! It's New Year's Eve in New York City and a wicked promoter has a plan to hatch a massive concert at the biggest venue in town. As the bands and the fans start showing up at The Saturn, things do indeed Get Crazy.

Every conceivable musical stereotype is on the lineup for the night: a zany Bob Dylan-esque character played by Lou Reed; Reggie Wanker (Malcolm McDowell), an egotistical rocker in the Mick Jagger mold who ends up having a conversation with his penis; and an all-girl new-wave band called Nada who arrive in a beat up old Chevy with a license plate that says "GET BENT." The trunk pops open and out comes the band's secret weapon: an aggressive punk rock maniac named Piggy (Fear's Lee Ving). He immediately bashes his head into a wall, signs a contract by smashing his skull into the form and punches a stagehand in the gut!!

OUR GUARANTEE: this movie is rabid, manic and totally raging! ZZANG!!!

One night only! Rare as hell! Get your tickets NOWWWWW!!!


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