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Get a “Killer Workout” at this month’s HORROR REMIX presentation of SPORTS

Horror Remix returns to the Alamo Drafthouse - Houston this month with two screenings of SPORTS, two hours of fitness-themed slasher goodness from the '80s — recut and remixed. 

Get a “Killer Workout” at this month’s HORROR REMIX presentation of SPORTS

Fan of '80s slasher films? Horror Remix has you covered. This month the Texas-based horror enthusiasts will present a two-hour compliation of some of the best fitness-themed horror flicks from the '80s. During the show, you'll get nothing but the best from three horror classics. As a bonus, your puppet emcees Thunderclap and Cheesecake are throwing in a few other nuggets from some forgotten classics. 

In the 1984 slasher FATAL GAMES, a group of high school atheletes are picked off one by one by a bloodthirsty javelin thrower. As the film leads up to an insane ending, you'll get plenty of naked girls in dressing rooms, javelins through the chest and the best postering '80s film jocks can deliver. 

The 1987 film THE MAJORETTES combines the sweet innocence of high school girls with the all-encompesing '80s fear of devil-worshiping, drug-pushing bikers. Oh, and you also get a hood-wearing slasher - just so you know you're getting your money's worth.

Finally, in 1986's KILLER WORKOUT, audiences can see the film that inspired Horror Remix - due to its 10 minutes worth of golden movie goodness neslted into a 90 minute slasher snorefest. Combining a great synth pop score with a wide assortment of gym-themed mutilation, the film is your golden ticket to screams, giggles and gasps. 

The screenings are free so show up early, order lots of beer and get ready to have the time of your life with three prime-cut slices of horror goodness.

Wednesday, February 29 @ 10 PM — West Oaks

Saturday, March 3 @ 10 PM — Mason Park



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