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Game over man! The Action Pack presents a night of explosions, cap guns and more at ALIENS

When The Action Pack gets their hands on a James Cameron movie, you know the thunder is being brought. This January, join us for two special screening of ALIENS, the 1986 classic featuring Sigourney Weaver and a hive full of nasty xenomorphs. The screening will feature live in-theater explosions, cap guns for everyone and more surprises than you can shake a Bill Paxton at. 

Game over man! The Action Pack presents a night of explosions, cap guns and more at ALIENS

It's been just over 25 years since James Cameron directed ALIENS — the sequel to Ridley Scott's ALIEN that turned one of the '70s finest horror films into an action movie with a gasoline can full of jet fuel-sized kick. While ALIEN featured one xenomorph (this scientific name of a fictional monster is brought to you by your friendly neighborhood geek), ALIENS hosted a family reunion for the acid-blooded, drooling beasties. 

Besides ratcheting up the monster count, ALIENS also increased the film's overall action quota. ALIEN may have shown that, when faced with a monster, women have another option besides running and screaming but it was ALIENS that turned Sigourney Weaver into a full-on action hero — giving her enough badassery to stand toe-to-toe with the likes of Schwarzenegger, Stallone and Willis. ALIENS really does have it all — monsters, strong female heroes, genuine heart, evil Paul Reiser, a cute British moppet, Bill Paxton and — most importantly — lots and lots of explosions. 

Yes, ALIENS has lots of action — whether it's explosions, rapid-fire pulse rifles, dismembered limbs or power loader fights so good James Cameron would reuse them in AVATAR. The one thing any screening of ALIENS hasn't had, though, has been live, in-theater explosions. Well, that's about to change. This January, join the Action Pack, Austin's band of interactive cinema masterminds, for two screenings of ALIENS that'll feature live pyrotechnics, cap guns and a few more surprises. You'll be drawn into the film's action like never before.

This is the perfect way to get pumped up about the ALIEN series before this summer's release of Ridley Scott's PROMETHEUS, the "is it or isn't it" prequel to ALIEN. So strap on your tank tops, grab your favorite British orphan girl and get ready to give those alien nasties what for.

Saturday, January 14 @ 7 PM — Mason Park

Saturday, January 28 @ 7 PM — West Oaks


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