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Sundance Winner and Critics’ Darling FRUITVALE STATION Comes to the Alamo!

The anticipated drama based off of the brutal true story opens tomorrow at the Alamo.

Sundance Winner and Critics’ Darling FRUITVALE STATION Comes to the Alamo!

Get tickets for FRUITVALE STATION now!

FRUITVALE STATION, the debut feature from writer/director Ryan Coogler, hit theaters nationwide with a high amount of anticipation and buzz. It won top prizes at Sundance, where it was well-received by critics and festival audiences alike.

The movie centers on the real life tragedy of Oscar Grant, a 22-year old black man from Oakland who was gunned down by a Bay Area Rapid Transit officer in the early hours of New Year’s Day, 2009. The incident made international headlines and ignited a discussion about racial divide and tension in modern America. It also caused an eruption of rage and sadness.

Coogler decides to focus on what seemed to have gotten lost in all the swept up emotion: The life of Oscar Grant. By making his film about the last day in the life of Grant Coogler aims to remind us that the face of this heartbreaking story was a real person and not a political image. The result, by all accounts, is one of the very best films of the year.

Critics are calling FRUITVALE STATIONan unstoppable cinematic force,” “profoundly compelling, gut-wrenching, and important” and “one of the truly vital films of 2013.”

I also had the chance to catch an early screening of the film and thought it was intimate, emotional, confident filmmaking. You can read my review at Badass Digest.

But don’t take their and my word for it. You can see FRUITVALE STATION, one of the most lauded and anticipated films of the year, starting tomorrow. (RJ LaForce)


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