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Free Weird Wednesday Tonight: THE SEX THIEF

OK, so the Naked Rider was a little light on the Naked Riding. At least it had plenty of nakedness and riding, even if they weren't crammed together as naked riding. You can put the two together in your head. It's interactive. Don't worry about this week's movie THE SEX THIEF. There's plenty of "Sex" and "Thievery" and "The" even gets into the act.

If you've seen and enjoyed CASINO ROYALE, check out what director Martin Campbell was up to 33 years ago. The title "THE SEX THIEF" is pure genius, as it conveys everything this movie is about. Or, as one of his victims screams when she discovers the sex thief in her apartment: "You're a handsome cat burglar and I'm an unhappily married woman!"

This is a free movie and all the cool kids will be there. The Alamo Drafthouse Downtown is located at 4th and Colorado.


OK, First things first. I am chronically disposed to dislike anything British, but ever since I saw my first UK sexploitation film, the ice has begun to thaw from my heart. I still don’t understand half of what anyone says but man oh man, hot girls with British accents are royally kickass. THE SEX THIEF has one of those socially unacceptable plotlines that pretty much guarantees we won’t see its like again. It’s about a struggling pulp fiction writer who doubles as an incompetent jewel thief. He gets caught in the act every time, but he uses his looks and charm to make the best of it. Soon he becomes a celebrity. Wealthy women start leaving their jewels out like milk and cookies for Santa Claus in hopes that the sex thief will unlawfully invade their domiciles. From the director of the latest James Bond film, CASINO ROYALE. (Lars)

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