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Free Jet Li this Friday at the Alamo Village!

ouatic31The Alamo Village's Free Kung Fu Theater returns with another face-kickingly good time courtesy of Jet Li in ONCE UPON A TIME IN CHINA III.  OK, don't worry if you haven't seen the first two ONCE UPON A TIME IN CHINA movies (although you certainly should), because III is the moment when the series started to become a series of stand-alone entries, although it holds up a hell of a lot better than most Part IIIs ever do.

In keeping with the series' tradition of placing Jet Li's Wong Fe Hung at the forefront of turn of the century Chinese history, this time out at the end of the Qing Dynasty, where China began to lose much of its sovereignty to foreign powers. But lest you think ONCE UPON A TIME IN CHINA III is nothing more than a history lesson, rest assured that the film features several outstanding martial arts sequences, including several with the ferocious Xin Xin Xong (from Hark's THE BLADE) as Club Foot, and some incredible Lion Dance competitions that make this one really stand out. The entire ONCE UPON A TIME IN CHINA series is often regarded as one of the highlights of the early 90's Golden Age of Hong Kong action cinema, and getting a part III as good as this one sure as hell proves it.

Just show up at the Alamo Village on Friday night, get your free ticket and enjoy an awesome martial arts spectacle for absolutely nothing.   We'll have free DVDs to give away, courtesy of our friends at Image Entertainment, and everyone who attends gets a fortune cookie.  Uusually you have to order Chinese food to get that!

NOTE - This screening will be held in good-old fashioned 35mm. None of this fancy-schmancy digital stuff for this screening, so come see this martial arts classic in a beautiful 35mm film print with cuts and scratches. Film forever!

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