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Free Jackie Chan at the Village this Friday!

policestory25You know that we certainly enjoy brining you the monthly free kung fu hits at the Alamo Village, but this month is truly extra special, because we're showing a film that many fans and aficionados agree is one of the genre's all-time masterpieces, Jackie Chan's POLICE STORY II.  This is, without question, one of Jackie's very best, and to put it bluntly, you'd be a damn fool to miss this.

It just may be that no one else in history has made better sequels than Jackie Chan. Look at ARMOUR OF GOD II: OPERATION CONDOR, with it's breathless wind tunnel finale, or the brilliant DRUNKEN MASTER II, and you know that this is a filmmaker who knows how important it is to up the ante for a second installment. POLICE STORY II is an excellent example of this; it continues only a portion of the original film's plot - mob boss keeps trying to take Jackie down - and also establishes its own storyline involving a mad bomber. In the midst of all this is the astonishing action that you expect from Jackie Chan, including some of the most painful stunts of his career, and a truly explosive action finale between Jackie and a deaf mute wacko that proves Jackie's greatness. It's incredibly easy to follow if you haven't seen the original, and to see it for free on the big Alamo Village screen - in glorious 35mm - is pretty much what makes life worth living. Like all of Jackie's '80s hits, POLICE STORY II is an essential film and you rarely get an opportunity to see it like this.

As usual, this is a free show; first come, first served.  Get there nice and early for some exciting face-kicking Jackie Chan madness!

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