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The sun will come out on Saturday, April 27. Bet your bottom dollar at our free family screening!


It's a tale as old as time. The hero is a spunky little orphan who is kicked around by the universe, guilty of no crime but being parentless.  But thanks to their ingenuity and inner goodness, they triumph over adversity and end up happy, wealthy, and serving out a bit of just desserts to those who wronged them.   There's a version of it in every world mythology, but none are so charming and sweet as ANNIE.

Little Orphan Annie has been around in pop culture since her comic strip debut in 1924.  In 1977, she became a massive Broadway sensation.  In 1982, the legendary John Huston brought the Broadway musical to the big screen (his only musical, and what an odd choice it was for the hardcore Huston!).   Though it opened to mixed reviews, ANNIE has been the standard by which all other redhaired moppets are measured.  Every young singer wants to be ANNIE.  It's like the young girl's version of HAMLET.

ANNIE is, of course, the tale of the adorable orphan Annie (Aileen Quinn), who suffers stoically at the Hudson Street Orphanage, which is cruelly ruled by the drunken Miss Hannigan (Carol Burnett).  Annie is desperate to find her parents, as all orphans are, and believe her parents simply left her there. After several escape attempts (one of which introduces her to her famous dog, Sandy), she is unexpectedly adopted by billionaire Oliver Warbucks (Albert Finney).  Warbucks is desperate to improve his image, and wants an orphan boy to stay with him for a week for public relations.  But he winds up with Annie, who worms her way into his heart with song and charm.

We’re hosting a free Alamo Kid’s Camp screening of ANNIE on Saturday, April 27, at 10:30. The Alamo Kid's Camp is a proud tradition of the Alamo Drafthouse, and is geared towards developing and encouraging a love of cinema in children. They are always free, and we try to offer a wide variety of films new and old to inspire young audiences.

Because this is a free event, tickets are not offered online or in advance, but must be picked up at our box office.  It will be first come, first serve, so please plan accordingly!

Remember, our full food and drink menu will be available for purchase at ANNIE, so if all those musical numbers are making you and yours hungry, simply pop up an order card, and our stealthy team of servers (who are worthy of serving Warbucks) will rush to assist you.  We have a full kid's menu with everything from fruit plates to grilled cheese, so the Drafthouse can be a one stop movie-and-meal destination for your family.

While ANNIE  is open to all ages, we will not admit children unaccompanied by an adult.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and hope you and yours can join us for our first Alamo Kid’s Camp, and become part of our family here at Alamo Drafthouse Littleton.


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