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Free! Awesome! VANNIN’!!

It's the greatest party from the '70s. It's 100% free. And it's this Tuesday night.

Free! Awesome! VANNIN’!!

"Sittin' at a table drinkin'... that's vannin'."

Yeah, it is! What else?

"Sleepin' on the floor, passin' out in lawn chairs, pickin' up girls... I guess that's all VANNIN'."

You bet your ass it is!!

So really, we're all vanners, and at long last we're going to celebrate this shared culture with a free party we've put together with the good vanners over at Fun Fun Fun Fest and Shiner. Join us for the Austin premiere of VANNIN': A DOCUMENTARY this Tuesday, July 9, at 8pm over at the One Night Only Van HQ of East Austin, 1100 E 5th St.

In case those pull quotes weren't enough for you, check out this trailer, and all of the amazing people in it, and then try and tell me there's something better you could do with your Tuesday night:

This screening and party is 100% free with an RSVP at, and it will also feature the final and complete line up leak for FFF8. Of course, like any free event there's a good chance that it will get crowded, and entry will be on a first come, first served basis until we hit capacity.


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