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Fourth set of winners announced

Here are the lucky guests who'll be invited to our 8 p.m. seating on Thursday

We've selected 30 winners for our 8 p.m. seating on Thursday night. Each winner will be receiving a confirmation email later today. Please print out the email and bring it with you to the theater, along with your ID. You may bring one guest with you (seating is limited, so please do not bring any extras). We cannot admit anyone who does not bring ID and the email. We cannot permit any time changes or transfers: If you won, you can't give your seat to someone else. Please arrive early for check-in. Congratulations! If you didn't win, please join us for the Staff Training Weekend; tickets are on sale now.

Logan Ambrose
Amber Artis
Dustin Barrons
Josh Blain
Thomas Brown
Carolyn Call
Jennifer Carpio-Zeller
Cindy Chau
Chris Dziewicki
Bethany Gauthier
Justin Gibson
Jennifer Grant
Patricia Hahnenberg
Madeline Jary
Kevin King
April Lesicki
Nathan Lucas
Allen Lynema
Brandon McCandlish
Heidi McCrary
Margo Mielke
Erin Morgan
Aubrey Norg
Mark Ohrstrom
Allison Rall
Susan Rogers
Monay Smith
Jennifer Spruill
Jen Stroven
Tracy Way


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