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FOUR LIONS is an Awesome Movie, Everyone Likes It

You've likely heard a bit about the little baby called FOUR LIONS. The charming and hilarious British comedy is the Alamo's first entry into film distribution, with our new company Drafthouse Films. We're bringing the film across the country, opening on Friday in New York, LA, Seattle, Boston, Washington DC, and Philadelphia. But don't think we'd leave out the town that makes us who we are: we're playing at the Alamo South Lamar too!

We love this film, and you will too. It's a very likable movie. It was just nominated for five British Independent Film Awards:

* BEST BRITISH INDEPENDENT FILM * THE DOUGLAS HICKOX AWARD [BEST DEBUT DIRECTOR] – Chris Morris * BEST SCREENPLAY – Jesse Armstrong, Sam Bain, Simon Blackwell, Christopher Morris * BEST ACTOR – Riz Ahmed * BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR – Kayvan Novak

We'll find out on December 5 how many of those we win, but before that it opens in Austin. And you've got to see it.

FOUR LIONS is currently enjoying a 85% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, making it one of the best reviewed comedies of the year. Not only that, but the criticism on the film is intelligent, thoughtful and, above all, intensely enthusiastic about the film. Check out what Latauro from Ain't it Cool News says about it:

FOUR possibly the bravest skewering of cultural mores since LIFE OF BRIAN. When comedy shows or films proudly proclaim they have no political correctness, it usually means they like making fun of a politician's obesity. FOUR LIONS genuinely discards political correctness, but in an exceptionally smart way, not allowing a single likable character, refusing to present anyone who (a) plays into our own comfortable stereotyped beliefs, or (b) allaying any white or middle-class guilt by having a "Good Muslim" or a "White Politician Who Actually Does Get It."...I probably missed about 50% of the jokes because I was laughing at the other ones, which is simply an excuse to see it again. I don't mind calling it early: FOUR LIONS is the comedy of the year.

Comparing it to LIFE OF BRIAN is an excellent thought - while being distinctly British (and let us remember that the UK, for all its rotten cuisine and bizarre proclivity for tea, did invent satire), the film works internationally as a powerful weapon against the hysteria of people who like to get hysterical. And it's also hysterical in the other sense of the word, the funny sense. The film also frequently gets compared to other classic cult comedies, as when Luke Y Thompson of Geekweek writes that it's “the War on Terror’s very own DR. STRANGELOVE.”

FOUR LIONS is special because it sets a funny, funny, funny stable of characters within a dark and politically charged space - as aspiring terrorists they are scary, but as people they are idiots. Duane Byrge of The Hollywood Reporter writes, "Four Lions is a hilarious farce and a brilliant takedown of the imbecility of fanaticism." Eric Kohn of Indiewire says, "Impending doom is rarely this much fun to watch."

This "pitch-black satire the likes of which we rarely see," according to Scott Weinberg of Cinematical, is coming to Austin on November 5th and if you miss it you are making a grave mistake. In fact, you should see it a lot.

There is a chance for you to see it in advance, for free, on November 4th. We're playing FOUR LIONS at the Alamo Village at 10pm, and there are still a few spots left open. Check out our Facebook Event Page for RSVP instructions, and be sure to tell all of your friends about FOUR LIONS



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