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Foleyvision and Intergalactic Nemesis bring Ritz interstellar insanity

Wider than Cinemascope, deeper than 3D, more sonically astounding than THX, it's FOLEYVISION! Every line of dialogue, every note of music, every single sound effect if performed right before your eyes by the amazing Foleyvision cast.

This Thursday, a sound effect event will be happening at the Ritz that will blow your ears off. FOLEYVISION, those aurally creative people who brought us new soundtracks for such hits as TURKISH STAR WARS, SANTA VS. SATAN, FOR YOUR HEIGHT ONLY, and TURKISH WIZARD OF OZ will be bringing an awesome new show: FLASH GORDON'S TRIP TO MARS.

When Ming the Merciless projects a deadly ray from Mars to extract all of the nitrogen from Earth's atmosphere, it's up to Flash and his pals to use awesome special effects to save the world from destruction!

In case you've never been to a Foleyvision show, here's how it works. Foleyvision is a group of performers who take old and odd pictures, strip them of their soundtrack, and recreate them live. That means all of the music, the dialogue, and the incidental noises are created in the theatre in a live environment. It's fun, it's wild, and it's one of our favorite Alamo-original programming.

And that's not all. Foleyvision Foley artist Buzz Moran is bringing his talents once again for the Intergalactic Nemesis comic book/radio drama show. Before the feature, enjoy a live, 10-minute performance of the live-action animated play. For those not keeping track, Intergalactic Nemesis is on episode five of their sci-fi adventure, and Molly Sloan, Timmy Mendez, Mysterion the Magnificent, and mystery-man named Ben Wilcott are in the middle of a thrill ride.

Thursday, 7pm @Ritz.

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