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Flakes: We Know Who You Are

Fantastic flakes who reserve midnight tickets and then don't show up for the films: we've got our eyes on you!

Flakes: We Know Who You Are

We hope everyone is having a fantastic  festival!

We wanted to take a moment to remind everyone of a new policy this year.  If you reserve a space for a show and will not be using it, you must return that ticket to the Lamar box office no later than two hours before the screening. Failure to return your reservations can result in the loss of your badge without refund.                

We've had a fair amount of drop-outs, and we understand that you and your fantastic friends might get sidetracked with activities and change your plans.  But, please remember that if you make a reservation and fail to come to the show, you're quite likely preventing someone else from seeing that movie. And well, that's less than fantastic, ya know?

So please note, we are tracking the use of boarding passes.  Yep ~ we know who you are if you flake out on a screening (scary, eh?). So please, if you change your plans, return that boarding pass so we don't have to come find you. 

Thanks for your help!


Kristen Bell
Fantastic Fest


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