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First set of winners announced

Here are the lucky folks who'll be invited to our 5 p.m. seating on Thursday

We've selected 30 winners for our 5 p.m. seating on Thursday night. Each winner will be receiving a confirmation email later today. Please print out the email and bring it with you to the theater, along with your ID. You may bring one guest with you (seating is limited, so please do not bring any extras). We cannot admit anyone who does not bring ID and the email. Please arrive early for check-in. Congratulations! More winners will be announced later today!

5 p.m. Seating Winners

Monica Barnett
Kim Baughman
Michael Beauparland
Meg Brake
David Brophy
Bryant Burdette
Fabiana Carvalho
Christy Case
Christy Clock
Heather Davidson
Mark Duckworth
Audrey Frank
Ruth Grevenstuk
Sean Hasty
Nikki Huff
Brad Hunter
Mandy Knickerbocker
Andrea Lage
Zachary Lassiter
Julia Mann
Sarah McQuitty
Brendan Monroe
Doug Pearce
Melanie Pepper
Chris Robinson
Chad Rogers
Susan Sauer
Lisa VanOrman
Kathy West
Peggy Wray


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