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Fat Tuesday - the Mardi Gras Masquerade Sing-Along!

I used to be both scared of and slightly disappointed by Mardi Gras on Sixth Street. In New Orleans it's scary, sure, but it's soooooo debauched and crazy that it doesn't matter. Pee in an alley? Sure thing! Get hit by a cop's billy club while climbing into a tree for some beads? Every single day! But Austin's party in year's past has been more of a letdown, and mostly filled with just trying to walk down Sixth Street to get to the Jackalope but constantly getting stuck behind some large group of guys that are really, really excited because one of their girlfriend's has decided to show them all her boobs.

Now, don't get me wrong - I love boobies. I'm not trying to be the well-behaved guy or anything silly like that. The trouble is, I also love drinking, and because Austin so far has not legalized street side hurricane vendors, I need to get inside one of the bars to get my Jameson on. When there are huge crowds of rejected Real World contestants getting all excited over something they can see on their TV in one of hundreds of Girls Gone Wild commercials, I just get mad. And so in years past, I would avoid Sixth Street on Fat Tuesday, preferring to instead... do ANYTHING AT ALL.

But this year, that's all changed. Because this year we have a theater on Sixth Street, and that theater has balconies (just like the Big Easy!), and I just happen to have the perfect collection of sexy pop videos ready to go in a brand new Mix Tape Sing-Along. Even better? Now I have an excuse to get myself one of those fancy feather masks I've always wanted! Because who hasn't wished we lived in a simpler time, when there were masquerade balls at the palace every weekend and beads raining from the sky every Tuesday? Check out the trailer:

We'll have free beads for everyone, whether you choose to go wild or just want to hide out from the crazies out on the street. We'll give you $2 off your admission if you wear a masquerade mask. We'll have you primed and ready to hit the street in style after the show, or we'll give you the perfect party and let you sneak out the back alley exit and completely avoid the madness.

Grab your tickets here, and Owen and I will show you our boobies at the show.

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