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FANTASTIC FRENZY! The Fantastic Fest Bumper Contest

Last year's Fantastic Fest bumper contest was such a raging success, we simply cannot wait to get moving on the 2009 edition. The runner up film I LOVE YOU JEAN CLAUDE was featured on G4's Attack of the Show and subsequently went on to become something of a viral video sensation. The winning film REPORT CARD by HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN auteur Jason Eisner still brings a smile to my face with each viewing.

The 2009 competition is very much like last year's contest, but the theme is more narrow in focus. The short still needs to be no longer than 30 seconds long, has to feature a child under the age of 18 in some way, shape or manner, and the last line of your video has to end with the word "fantastic." The refinement this year is that each film must contain.... a monster. Other than that, we want to see anything and everything you can come up with.

The top Fantastic Fest 2009 Frenzy videos we get will be screened in front of an unsuspecting audience during Fantastic Fest (September 24-October 1). Each of those audiences will include visiting filmmakers from around the world, press from the likes of IFC TV, G4, Fangoria, Film Threat, Spout, Ain’t It Cool News, Variety, and USA Today, plus a legion of the most devoted and intelligent genre film fans on the planet.

If that isn’t enough for you, there will be other prizes as well:

Our top ten favorite films, as picked by the Fantastic Fest programming staff, will each win $100 Alamo prize packs that can be redeemed anytime for movies, merchandise, food or drinks.

And the number one film as picked by the voting members of the Filmmaking Frenzy community will receive two VIP badges to this year’s Fantastic Fest – badges that will allow you to meet and mingle with the stars of Fantastic Fest. These badges sold out before the end of Fantastic Fest 2008, but we held a couple just for you.  If you are a filmmaker outside of Austin who can't make it in for Fantastic Fest, you can swap out the goodies above for $250 cash. But you should really just find a way to get here if you win, because it’ll be soooo worth it.

Fantastic Fest runs from September 24 through October 1, and because we need time to build DVDs of our preshow reel, your Fantastic Frenzy films are all due no later than August 16. Anything we get after that can’t be guaranteed to play during the festival and won’t be eligible for any prizes.

So take a break from your other projects, find a kid, dress him up as a flesh-eating mushroom monster and have him or her run amuck in the neighborhood. That sounds like it will be the kind of movie that’s fun for you to make, and fun for us to watch, too!

GO HERE for more details, rules and info on how to enter. Good luck and we'll see you at Fantastic Fest!


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