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FANTASTIC FEUD with Scott Weinberg!

So, Scott Weinberg (eFilmCritic, Cinematical) came to us in the days leading up to Fantastic Fest with an idea for a game show-- a no-holds-barred brain brawl to the death (of self-respect). His idea: reach deep down into the horror genre crevasse to dig out the most obscure, most depraved, most impossibly impossible questions to challenge an all-star roster of contestants. And thus, the Fantastic Feud was born.

This 'game' technically won the Fantastic Fest audience award, despite the fact it wasn't a film. I think free beer had something to do with it.


Fantastic Feud from erikhorn on Vimeo.

For an extended panorama of obsessive social self-destruction, visit the Fantastic Fest coverage at DELL LOUNGE!!

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