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Fantastic Fest’s DONKEY PUNCH Boat Party: Hipsters, Overboard!

So DONKEY PUNCH is a movie about some young Europeans who do drugs and have a dance party on a “borrowed” yacht off the coast of Spain. In the film, the hip kids take things a little too far, a literal donkey punch works its way into the plot, and things spiral out of control from there.

We wanted to see how far we could get things to spiral out of control here in Austin, so after the premiere screening of that film at Fantastic Fest on Saturday night, we took a group of festival badge-holders out to Capital Cruises' big boat on Lady Bird Lake, met up with a large group of Austin’s best party scenesters (courtesy of, and set sail on a 4 hour dance party with vodka from 42Below, Red Bull to keep us going through the night, and of course some Fosters, the official beer of the festival.

Here’s a link to some photos from the night, but these four should really sum it up for you:

The dance party on the roof, with the skyline in the background.

The single best photo booth opportunity of all time - put your face into the donkey punch!

The people on the bridges we passed under were either jealous of our party, or scared.

And with pants like these on board, envy and fear are both understandable emotions.

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