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Fantastic Fest welcomes RealD and Digital Projection to the Alamo South Lamar!

realdLike the rest of the film industry, Fantastic Fest has gone digital 3-D crazy this year. Ever since the Alamo Village installed new, state of the art Sony 4k digital projectors this spring, they’ve seen the light and have booked as many digital 3-D features as they possibly could (and to those precious few who actually turned up for XGAMES 3-D, we thank you). Most digital advances usually leave some wondrous analog process behind in their wake, but pretty much everyone agrees that digital 3-D is not only here to stay, but it finally looks like what 3-D has long promised: truly three-dimensional and truly magical.

So excited are we about digital 3-D that we’ve partnered with the fine folks at RealD to bring you ”RealD presents Fantastic Fest in 3-D”, the cornerstone of this year’s festival. On Sunday, September 27, we’re also hosting “The Future of 3-D”, Austin’s first-ever 3-D panel discussion geared to teaching filmmakers the fundamentals of shooting in digital 3-D, presented by RealD and the Texas Film Commission, while our friends at the 3-D Film & Interactive Festival bring you The Fantastic Fest 3-D Lounge on Saturday and Sunday afternoon, and the Fantastic Fest Double 3-D Dance Party on Wednesday, September 30. That, my friends, is a hell of a lot of 3-D for just one week.

In addition to all this, there are also actual 3-D movies screening, including the brand new 3-D conversions of Disney/Pixar’s TOY STORY 1 & 2 and a special preview of James Cameron’s highly anticipated AVATAR, with producer Jon Landau in attendance. We’re excited by all this not only because it’s all so damn cool, but it also means that they’ve finally got a good excuse to install the same Sony 4k digital projectors as the Alamo Village over at the Alamo South Lamar, so not only will Fantastic Fest house the best digital 3-D in all of Austin, once the festival is over there will be plenty of great new 3-D films playing at Austin’s best movie theater. Anyone who has seen a 3-D film at the Village will tell you it’s easily the best 3-D to be found in Austin, and now with two Alamo locations housing Sony 4k digital projection and RealD 3-D, the future of fantastic movies is undoubtedly here.


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