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Fantastic Fest head-spinner DISTRICT 13: ULTIMATUM opens the Ritz this Friday!


At Fantastic Fest this past year, only one film kicked our heads right off our shoulders only to then leap from the top of a 15 story building just in time to catch our heads before they hit the ground and then reattach them to our bodies with such ease and tenderness we never knew what hit us- DISTRICT 13: mother-f@#king ULTIMATUM!

Like it's now cult-legendary predecessor DISTRICT B13, this reunion of writer Luc Besson (THE PROFESSIONAL, FIFTH ELEMENT) and on-screen ass-kickers Leito (David Belle) and Damien (Cyril Raffaelli), DISTRICT 13 ULTIMATUM serves up an endless display of some of the most impossible parkour action ever committed to film. A jaw-dropping spectacle that will leave you finding new, potentially deadly ways to go about your daily routine.

Films this volatile can't be contained by the festival circuit, otherwise they just get angrier and angrier until they lash out in a violent cultural rage.  So we're doing out part to keep the beast at bay by releasing the film this Friday at the Alamo Ritz.  See it or parish.

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